Thursday, March 13, 2008

Good boat, bad boat

The Boy's parents have a boat. I have a love hate relationship with the boat.

On one hand The Boy has left me to go to sea twice now, once for four weeks and once for seven. On the other hand, I got a free holiday to the Caribbean.

I'm not sure it was worth 7 weeks of worrying about The Boy, but never mind....




(all images by me)

Memories of the Caribbean have kept me daydreaming through most of the Scottish winter. The warmth of the people, the breeze and the sea soothe my soul.

While the boat is still there we won't be going back to her. It turns out that spending 4 weeks with your in-laws in a floating caravan is not such a good idea.

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  1. Ha ha - great little bump down to earth at the end of this post!


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