Friday, March 14, 2008

I'm in love...

with a photographer.

From the ever cheerful and inspiring blog Decor Amor I came to find Janne Peters, a German photographer whose work is so exquisite, so delicious, so..... yum (for want of any more eloquent adjectives) that I am going to save some for future posts as they're just too good to eat, I mean look at, all at once. Remember when you were a child and you nibbled your Easter eggs one tiny bit at a time because when they were gone you weren't getting any more? (perhaps that was just me, I hear some children like to eat them with joyful abandon). Despite my best efforts they never lasted more than a day though, I would have one tiny nibble after another, every five minutes until the whole thing was gone. My small and futile attempt at self control.

Anyway, today I present Oriental Style, by Janne Peters...



I will try to save the rest, for to post them all would be like drowning in honey.