Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh my, how pretty!

This morning I was delighted to find this beautiful lamp, dedicated to lil' old me, on one of my favourite new blogs East Side Bride.

The lamp is by Moss, is made from pink goose feathers and is insanely expensive, the words 'holy crap' were uttered out loud when I saw the price. Which is about the same as our entire wedding budget.

But it's oh so pretty, oh so lush. I have a feeling that even if I wouldn't have to sell a kidney, or maybe both, to buy it The Boy would veto it instantly. In fact I can see his face now.....'what the hell is that? Are those feathers? No way.'

I love it though!

Pop on over to East Side Bride for an utterly refreshing dose of wedding style. Modern yet with a healthy sprinkling of vintage, light hearted yet undoubtedly classy, Nomi is planning her wedding with style.

I particularly love her Groom Style series. I hate traditional groom style; tuxedos, big poofy ties, satin waistcoats, bleugh. And don't even let me get started on kilts. Aside from finding the whole traditional groom look deeply unstylish, it's so unimaginative. At our wedding The Boy will look like himself, no Rent-a-Groom for me. And I've got a feeling that Nomi's boy will look just as individual. Especially if he wears that damn sexy hat....

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  1. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely adore your blog, but I feel like I'm just a little bit too practical to hang out here... I can't help thinking 'but how will you keep it clean?' about such lovelies. I must learn to fantasise more freely!


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