Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Reason...

It's hard to believe but a few months ago I didn't know what a blog was. Yes, that's right, I was blog-ignorant (or blognorant, if you like).

I can't remember how I came to discover blogs but within the space of a mere few weeks I was hooked and now, well I can't imagine my life without them. I have found many dozens of wonderful blogs, blogs with riveting words, blogs with beautiful pictures, blogs with stories that enthrall but there have been a small handful that have been so inspiring, so addictive, that as I spend my days sitting in front of the computer I find myself typing their urls without thinking. They are my first port of call in the morning and my last in the evening.

And so today I dedicate this post to two creative women each of whom have a unique talent and vision and who have created blogs that are things of beauty, blogs that inspired me to start my own...


...'The light always captures me in this place. Little pieces of fading day cascade out through the trees directly on the other side of the glass. A fountain of water sparkles into the beginning of night, everytime I am there.

I think any other time of day, I wouldn’t decompress as I do. This twilight, so symbolic of the way I view this pain. Ready for it to die a beautiful, fiery death. Ready for it to fade into something star riddled and velvet skied.'...

Flutter, a woman with a voice so powerful it never fails to affect me, whether that means snorting my fruit juice out of my nose in laughter or feeling tears prickle my eyes and a lump rise in my throat that stay with me many hours after I've switched the computer off. Every day Flutter inspires me - to try to create beautiful things and write beautiful words but more importantly to live life with even just a pinch of her bravery, strength, courage and humour.

Plus she offered to knit me a scarf out of my pet rabbits' discarded fluff. How many people do you know who can even do that, let alone who would offer this prodigious talent as a gift to a relative stranger?

My Marrakesh...

Written by the multi talented Maryam who fills me with awe and inspiration.
Maryam has created a blog that simply radiates personality and charm. She has achieved an amazing perfection with My Marrakesh - each post is part of a unique and cohesive vision, creating a blog with a real and tangible sense of place and purpose.

My Marrakesh is a portal into an exotic world, yet it is a world that is warm, friendly, comforting. A world that inspires me to dream. Dreams of travel, dreams of writing, dreams of creating beautiful places, both virtual and real.

(photograph from My Marrakesh)
A truly multi-talented woman, Maryam is a human rights worker who travels to places mystical and mysterious, magazine editor, freelance writer, personal shopper and creator of one of the most exquisite blogs on the internet not to mention mother, wife and part of the creative force behind Peacock Pavilions which looks set to be one of the most beautiful and personal boutique guest houses in all of Morocco.

How does she do it all?

To Flutter and Maryam, thank you. You have inspired me more than you can know...


  1. Oh my......that may just be the loveliest thing anyone has ever said about me and my blog. *Thank you.*

    And I very flattered to be rubbing shoulders here with the likes of Flutter......a blogger whom I admire deeply.

  2. Oh, love thank you so so much for this, this is one of the sweetest things that has ever been done.

    Thank you so much, and to be placed incahoots with Maryam? *swoon*

  3. Hi P & P!
    I just found your blog tonight, and what a treat! I love your writing and can tell that your wedding is going to be just gorgeous.

    I'll be back often!


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