Friday, April 18, 2008


Today, in the hope of finding something just right, we went to Dazzle, a contemporary jewellery and metal smithing exhibition that has come to town for a few weeks. There was nothing that got us any further in our quest for The Ring, but there were some gorgeous bits and pieces. I especially love Ruth Tomlinsons's porcelain and gold jewellery, so unusual and delicate....

Ruth Tomlinson

Porcelain, gold and silver jewellery.

Miranda Meilleur

Silver Bowl on Steel Saucer

Natalie Jane Harris

Stack of three faceted rhodolite
garnet and silver rings.

Oh so pretty.

(images from Dazzle)


  1. This first ring is *so* beautiful. I want it. I adore rings. But I have been sworn off from buying things that I don't absolutely need (ie food and water). It's horrible!

  2. Mmm... I *love* the porcelain.


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