Friday, April 18, 2008

I Got A Story to Tell...

I Got A Story To Tell (Part 1)
60" x 60"

Two years ago I walked off the street into the Joyce Gordon Gallery in Oakland. I saw this painting and I have dreamt of it ever since. Amanda William's exhibit days. paint. years made my heart race, made my soul yearn. Layers of colour, layers of strength and exuberance protecting and revealing small fragments of words and ideas. Enormous canvases, covering whole walls, tiny blocks of wood so small that they felt my breath on them as I pulled in close to read the words, to savour the colours, all with a power and a strength that was tangible.

Oh how I want it. One day, one day I will buy one of her paintings and I will treasure it.


  1. Love, love all that color.

    (p.s. Just saw your Dolly post below -- too funny! So I'm not the only one.)

  2. It's gorgeous. I want you to have one of her paintings too, partly just because I know how much you would treasure it!


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