Thursday, April 24, 2008

The unmentionable invites, part 1

With a little (a lot of) help from The Boy, we finished our RSVP cards - deceptively simple looking postcards with an image of the fabric we used on the back of the invites on the front and the old 'delete as appropriate, we will /won't attend' on the back.


A small victory in the War of the Invitations.

Discoveries made -

printing companies are rubbish and capable of sending you two batches of something printed from the exact same image, in completely different colours.

Postcards from said printing company are too shiny to print on. No matter which of the 732 settings on your own very expensive printer you try.

I can't measure. And I can't cut in straight lines. I approximate measurements and straight lines. Which doesn't work.

I don't like glue. It's sticky, it gets everywhere and getting it everywhere increases the likelihood of getting horrible sticky smudges all over your impeccable rsvp cards.

The Boy can measure and can cut in straight lines and I should have asked him to do so before I started yelling at inanimate objects, stamping my feet up in down and threatening to cancel the wedding.

Oh well, live and learn.