Friday, April 04, 2008

A vintage woodland wedding....

Isn't this wedding just too damn gorgeous for words?

A thousand years ago I found a couple of these images - the dog portrait and the tables at night, and downloaded them immediately. They've been sitting in my 'inspiration' folder ever since and I've been wondering where on earth I could drape flowery fabric at our venue as a backdrop. When I found pictures of the wedding from a magazine spread at Brooklyn Bride I was so excited!

Lena and Joshua's wedding is so fabulous! Relaxed, boho and completely and utterly unique. So inspiring for our relaxed outdoor wedding!

Images from Lena's Flickr page


  1. Isn't this wedding perfect and inspiring? And my favorite thing about it is how real it is without sacrificing any style.

  2. This is stunning and so character-packed.

    I love it.

  3. This is one of my most loved weddings! I adore it!

  4. Not that this photographer didn't do a great job, but Heather Gilson of One Love photo would have been the perfect photographer for this wedding.

  5. I love it. You can just tell that everyone at this wedding was very relaxed and not stressing out over unimportant details, can't you?

  6. Jenna, I agree, One Love would really have complimented the style of this wedding.

    GS, Yes! As much as the details and the design is beautiful it's the atmosphere that really makes it special.

  7. You can read about this wedding here on

    I'm scouring the webs for wedding planning inspiration too, another blog you might like:
    It has lots of design ideas.

    I love this wedding design, the lights in the trees are stunning, i'm hoping to have an outdoor ceremony.

  8. where abouts did this wedding take place?it looks really beautiful!


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