Sunday, May 04, 2008

Bianca Jagger....

When I was 15 I knew I would never want to get married. I also knew that if I ever did want to get married I would want to do it in a superbly sexy white suit, à la fashion icon Bianca Jagger.

Funny how much you know when you're 15....

The iconic white suit was designed by Yves Saint Laurent and made famous by the fact that she wore the jacket with nothing underneath. This sexy wedding outfit has made Bianca Jagger a fashion icon. Albeit an accidental one. Apparently Yves designed a shirt to go with the outfit but by the time of the wedding Jagger was so pregnant with her daughter Jade that it didn't fit any more. So she decided to go sans shirt. And bra. As you do!

Thank god she did, because it looked stunning.

The floppy white sun hat with attached veil added an extra element of seventies chic. Although personally I think she looks completely timeless and proves that wearing something true to yourself is always the way to go.

(images from here and here)


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