Friday, May 02, 2008

Controversy in the wedding world....

A sneak preview of my latest (and favourite) diy project. Although I have to admit that I'm more than a little nervous of sharing the actual project with you. A few weeks ago I wouldn't have thought twice. And then I read this over at Weddingbee, and well it scared me a little. 
This thing that I'm making, it isn't exactly an original idea. It's an idea that has been around for centuries, an idea that The Boy's great Grandmother utilized, the results of which still hung on the family christmas tree when The Boy was, well a boy. But it's an idea that one woman in the world of weddings has used to create a very successful business. A business that everyone and their dog has blogged about, a business that has appeared in three million and one inspiration boards. A business so successful, so omnipresent that you hear 'handmade xxxx' and you think Miss xxx xxxxx instantly.

Well The Boy and I saw these handmade whatsits and we loved them. But at $300 a pop there was no way in hell we could afford them. So, remembering the whatsits his great grandmother had made, The Boy said we can do that, let's make our own. Which is what we did.


Personally I don't see anything wrong with that. We made our own version. Yes our own version is similar to the ones that have taken the wedding world by storm. But not identical. And not claiming to be by Miss Terribly Successful Handmade Business. And not for sale. And not (and I quote) immoral, illegal or deserving of hate mail. Or so The Boy and I think.

So, let's see what you lovely ladies (and the occassional gentleman) think and perhaps, if it appears that I won't be lynched, I will share what The Boy and I spent the day making. In all of it's lop sided, one-legged glory.


And if you think that we have done something immoral, illegal or deserving of hate mail, please be polite in how you say so. Because nobody likes impolite hate mail.


  1. Why hello there. I felt inclined to give you my support. I really love Miss Super Successful and doubt that anything other than an ego will go bruised. Her successful business will not be less successful because of your homemade rendition. She will continue to have a waiting list of a million bajillion hopeful brides and continue to keep the product rather limited and exclusive. In fact, it is my firm belief that the numerous "knock offs" will only make her original product that much more valuable.

    I really felt most inclined to comment because I think all of the business is silly.... making those brides who can not afford any "exclusive product" ashamed or un-deserving... If it is in fact that much easier to make a replica on ones own... or even so very cost effective then we need to start looking at how "exclusive" and "original" the idea is to begin with..... creative types can feel as though immitation is flattering - they can even feel as though it is a bit of an annoyance - but they CAN'T expect that their ideas will not be copied or built upon. Their designs are a result of their interpretation and inspiration... and it really should be understood that their success will spawn a slew of offspring.... and thus it is that much more important for them to be on the cutting edge- offering that special little something that others CAN'T IMMITATE or DUPLICATE...

    To make this a little more clear... my home is made up of many things- some of original design and others that are immitations... all of which I love and appreciate. I justify the higher price tags because of the quality that they have and excuse my bargain finds because of the quality that they are not lacking...

    So in short- well, this is actually far longer than I had hoped.... I say share! I want to see the little thing in all its glory! (And then I want to make one for myself!)

  2. Please don't be too afraid of those silly strangers so concerned with policing the actions of others they miss out on the pretty things of the world. Pretty much everything is modeled after something God already made anyways, but I don't see him getting in a tizzy over it :)

  3. I find this whole thing really rather silly! People have been making their own copies of things they couldn't afford or didn't want to pay for forever. The difference is now we have the internet.

    As longs as you're not trying to pass your version off as an original and sell it (which of course I know you're not going to!) there is no reason at all not to share, in my opinion.

    I loved how you wrote this post and shared those teaser photos by the way :)

  4. Oh how silly. This is just another example of out of control bridal blather (not you, the hate mail) and the wedding industry manipulating us into mortgaging our future for a party.

    I say, go you! I'll be excited to see how it turns out.

  5. Why thank you girlies!

    I had a feeling that my lovely readers may be a little more down to earth, shall we say, than some of the other wedding critics out there.

    I'm working on some photos just now and will post them very soon!

  6. I'm dying to see what it is. You've given us enough clues, but I can't figure it out. I'm thinking cake toppers (Anne Wood) which we are thinking of making too, but the materials look more like a veil. Dang it! It's a cliff hanger.

  7. Please share!!! Part of crafting is community,most importantly inspiring others in your community.


play nice.