Friday, May 02, 2008



The day after my birthday the doorbell rang. Sighing, I unfolded my legs from beneath me and stumbled lazily to the door. A clipboard was signed and a box handed over, an incomprehensible box with no obvious opening. But I found my way in, eventually. 
Orchids. Dozens of the deepest pink orchids, beautiful in their confidence. Exotic, of course, but comforting too. Something about them, so reassuring. 
Three and a half months they graced my desk. Slowly dwindling in number, one by one losing vibrancy yet still beautiful as their petals turned papery and lost their plumpness. Beautiful as a face lined after a life lived long.

I picked the final heads today, snapping them from their stalks which still stood strong. The antithesis of the tired, lazy tulip, fading after a week in the sun. Stalks left bare and sculptural I took the heads and found the plate. My favourite plate. A plate among the many hand-me-downs that made The Boy's first house a home. A plate that sang out at me from cupboards populated with cheap matching crockery and the occasional unwanted specimen left over from a parent's kitchen, its fellows long gone. 
I gathered it under my arm and drifted though the dusty north light of late afternoon, looking for a place to set it down.


Three and a half months I had waited to see that pink with that green. The colours such a perfect harmony that it seemed so simple - of course The Boy had saved his pennies and bought a flat, of course his parents had given him the plate instead of sending it to a charity shop only to be discarded because it had a chip; of course two years later he met a girl and of course four years after that the girl's mother would send her flowers. Perfect deep pink flowers, made to lie on that plate in the pale light of a Scottish day. Of course. 
As with all of the greatest harmonies, it was so very simple.


  1. You are so cute. A fun little read.

  2. I love this, how lovely!

  3. Your boards are up at style me pretty, no? Very cool!!!

  4. Thank you Sara and Flutter!

    Yeah! My boards on style me pretty! How cool!!!


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