Thursday, May 29, 2008

Love for stripes, part II....

Darling Kate from Kate's Wedding has made my day and won my imaginary hundred gazillion pounds for showing me The Shoes...

Oh they're gorgeous. They make my toes curl, they really do. Literally, toes all curled up, oohing and ahhing noises aplenty.

The shoes and the bag with a completely unembellished dress like this by Mira Zwillinger is my new dream wedding outfit....

I'd do the hair a little differently though.

Unfortunately my only means of acquiring this outfit or the money to buy it would be completely illegal. Not that I'm not tempted, legality is over-rated, stripes and Valentino are better.

Nomi, if you can make the shoes too I'll leave The Boy and marry you!


  1. Ooo. I think shoes might be tricky. But I'd love to see you in that dress!

    Man, I have got to stop looking at wedding dresses.


  2. *le sigh* I looove those!

  3. um I would do EVERYTHING in those shoes

  4. He he, you found them! Oh, I love bloggers, I do!

  5. that dress is incredibly beautiful. wonderful find!

    this may be my first visit to your site, but it probably won't be my last :)

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