Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Splish splash...

Hallelujah and praise the Lord (of fashion), real swimsuits are back. Swimsuits that don't require a full body wax and a week's fast to wear in public.

Wear were they 18 months ago when I was shopping for my first swimming costume since high school gym classes? I searched my little heart out but not a retro beauty was to be found.

I hate skimpy swimming costumes, I love retro beach style. According to the New York Times retro swimwear is back. Yay!

(Image from NY Times, via A Cup of Jo)

Although this style is undeniably more comfortable to wear than its more modern counterparts, comfort body shyness is not the reason I love them. I just believe that they are infinitely more stylish and sexy than those that bear (almost) everything.

What woman wouldn't want to project the glamour, playfulness and sheer sexiness of the 1950s beach goddess?

(image from Strange Celebrities)

(image from Mediaoutrage)

Sigh, doesn't she wear them well?


  1. Fabulous. Though I must say, the style is better on the coltish Marilyn (and the twiggy model). It isn't as forgiving hugging late Marilyn's curves...

    Didn't you say you were a bit of a twig? You've got to get one!

  2. Especially like the turquoise one-piece with the black ruffle--completely cute!

  3. I am so happy to see this post! I just purchased what I guess is being referred to as a "tubini" from Target (and on clearnace!). It has a lower cut on the leg (no Brazilian required, haha) and is full-coverage on the front and back, but still leaves your shoulders bare so you don't get weird tanlines. Let's bring the one pieces back!

  4. I'm definitely a twig! And desperately jealous of Marilyn's curves (I think it's just a bad camera angle!)

    I would get one if I ever went anywhere near water these days! Oh to live somewhere warm enough that I could swim in the sea.

    Elizabeth, your 'tubini' sounds fabulous, just right!

  5. I agree, they are *much* sexier than most of the skimpy stuff out there nowadays.

  6. I agree, that isn't the best angle on my Marilyn....There are better shots of her in that beautiful suit...and she looks amazing!!!! I've always wanted a suit like that but wasn't sure I could pull it off??? Are they really back??? How exciting!!!!!!

    Thank you Sweet Pea!

  7. We have some fabulous vintage swimwear at glamoursurf.com!

  8. I love this picture of Marilyn. She was a size 8.. and so beautiful! I think she needs to have more pictures up and around so today's girls can see what beautiful is. Love that these bathing suits are headed back.

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