Monday, May 12, 2008

Sweet B...

These gorgeous little pretties are made from paper, fabric and clay and are indecently cheap, starting at $6. I've no idea how much a fresh flower button hole costs, but these babies will last a lifetime!

Sweet B Papers also make ring pillows, which are something I've never really understood - I mean come on, does your ring really need a pillow? Hmmm. These are undeniably gorgeous though, and I might be tempted if I could get over how ridiculous I would feel carrying my rings around on their own little palanquin.

All images from Sweet B Paper and found via Etsy Wedding.


  1. our fresh button holes were like £2.50 each but i LOVE these! especially the second with the cute brooch..i want on just to wear everyday!

  2. I've never really understood the ring pillow thing either...

  3. My mind isn't too goog at night

    I see what you mean re the seersucker one!

    (I don't get it either, but hey, it's pretty!)


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