Thursday, June 19, 2008

40 pieces of heaven.....

Someone is selling 40 pressed glass cake stands on ebay at a starting price of £29.99. They are pick up only and situated 220miles away. If we had a car I would be in it and heading for 40 pieces of heaven.

I told The Boy and he looked at me like I was mad ''we don't need forty cake stands though''..... I responded with a very articulate and well thought through 'pfffff'.

Boys, they just don't get it. I think 40 more granny cake stands might be more than he could handle....


  1. oh my word, it's like i've accidentally stepped into my own head. been researching all things wedding-y for months and only just discovered your blog via a jenny packham search... i love your site, your sense of humour and your style! just had to tell you.
    the twinkly mood board is just fantastic. a little bit sweet for my taste but gorgeous none-the-less. and if i wasn't all the way over in south africa, i'd have gone to buy the 40 cake stands and given you 20! thanks for making me feel not-so-all-alone in my search for a unique, stylish wedding! i'll be back...

  2. Welcome to Peonies and Polaroids Marni! And thank you for your lovely comment. Jenny Packham's dresses are just gorgeous, you have excellent taste!

    It's easy to feel alone in the world of wedding planning when you're surrounded by the traditional stuff that the industry throws at you. But there are lots of like minded brides here so I hope it helps!

    Come back soon!

  3. Wow... I wonder how the current owner came to be so!

  4. It'd be completely worth the bus/horse/hitchhiking excursion.


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