Friday, June 06, 2008

An Antique Veil...

So pretty. The veil and the image which is painterly in its light and colour.

I'm not wearing a veil myself, they just don't feel right for me. But I do love a truly beautiful and delicate one.

Image by Sweet Paul and via I Heart Peonies.


  1. This is simply gorgeous. I had been debating on whether I wanted a veil as well, but after seeing this I am 100% sold on the idea of getting one

  2. You beat me to posting this. God do I love this picture.

  3. Veil-wearing doesn't feel right for me either.

    I must admit though, that is one beautiful piece. Here is an example of photography truly doing a beautiful thing justice.

  4. wow that's a fantastic picture... love veils with no combs!

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