Saturday, June 07, 2008

The images.....

I thought I would share my favourites from the small collection of wedding photographs that I have been collecting over the last year. I love these as they really show the art form that wedding photography can be.

In terms of the different 'levels' of photography, wedding photography is thought to be pretty low by those who consider themselves 'art' photographers. It's true that traditional wedding photography can be truly awful; all that 'stand in a line, say sausages', soft focus crap, well yes that's a pretty embarrassing line of work to be in. But there are wedding photographers out there today who I would consider to be true artists, artists who work under immense pressure to capture a fleeting moment and turn it into an image that speaks volumes to someone who wasn't there.

Here as a few of my favourite images. I started collecting them a long time before I started taking notes on where they came from (bad blogger) so some of them are uncredited, for which I am most embarrassed. So if you know of the artist whose work they are, please do leave a comment and I will credit them as soon as I can.

image by Rich Janniello

image by Robin Shotola

image by Leigh Miller

image by Jose Villa

image by Leigh Miller

Part II to follow soon....


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous collection. I know what you mean about bad wedding photographers. At first I was slightly concerned our photographer had never shot a wedding before, then I thought about what that meant about him as a creative person (and looking at his shots too) and decided it was all good :)

  2. I give enormous thanks every day to the first couple brave enough to let me and The Boy photograph their wedding when all we had to show them were some travel photographs from Morocco and some journalistic stuff from a antiwar riot! They took a huge leap of faith but it meant the world to us. How did you find yours?


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