Monday, June 09, 2008

Reasons I love him....

He hates Granny teacups. I love Granny tea cups. He smiles at me with love and laughs just a little when I bring home Granny tea cups...

Today we are visiting my favourite antique shop, in fact one of my favourite places, in the countryside near my Grandparent's house. A teacup in a perfect shade of green, a piece of linen with a hand embroidered trim, four silver forks with mother of pearl handles....These are some of my favourite finds. Oh what will it be this time?


  1. Ooh! I WANT those middle teacups! So cute!

  2. Oh i am so in love with anything tea related!

  3. there's just something so sweet about a teacup collection. the designs are lovely.
    xo alison

  4. I'm more of a modern girl, myself. But you make me love them!

  5. wow, you KNOW I AM jealous!

  6. Unfortunately I didn't find the perfect teacup this time :(

    But I did get some other pretties which I will share soon!


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