Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Every wedding needs a bunny...

And since we can't bring either of our boys, we've made one as a present for our littlest guest, who at 5 months old will probably be the star of the show. I mean wedding.


She's made from an old jumper (the rabbit, not the baby) that had a rose print body and spotty sleeves. It came from my ebay pile. You know that stack of crap you keep because you're 'going to put it on ebay' ? Well that stack is taking over our house. I was so pleased to make something pretty out of a piece of the pile.

When we moved into our flat my Gran bought us a sewing machine. I was planning to use it to make all sorts of pretties for our nest. Well we've been here 20 months and I just broke out the sewing machine this week. To be honest I was completely terrified of it but it turns out it's not so scary.

I drew some bunnyish shapes on paper to use as a template, used the silk dupion from Girl Bird to line the ears, bought some embroidery thread to make the mouth and nose and put a couple of little brass jingle bells I had left over from my Christmas wrapping inside with the stuffing, so she makes the faintest little tinkling noise when you shake her.

And because I like doing the maths, and I'm trying to give my posts a more practical side, she cost -

two packets of embroidery thread @ 50p each - £1
a whole lot of stuff I had lying around - £0

Total - ONE POUND. woo.

She was really good fun to make and I'm quite impressed by my first sewing machine effort since I made a pizza pillow in primary 4 (that's 3rd grade, I think, to most of you) .

I don't want to give her away. Is that bad of me? I'm 23, our tiny guest is 5 months old. And I want to keep a cuddly bunny from her. I'm a bad person.

For our second smallest guest, Tiny Guest's 4 year old sister, we bought a Make Your Own Story Book, which we'll bind with pink ribbon and some beeswax crayons. I'm going to make her a little tote bag to put keep them in.

I hope that these will keep them occupied, because damn a wedding must be boring when your four years old.

I'm a bit sad that they are our only Little Guests, I'm from the As Many Kids as Possible School of Wedding Thought but we just didn't know any more. Or at least, we didn't know any more who had parents that we'd want to invite too.

I'm going to try to share all of our DIY projects this week as I've realised that there are quite a few of them and you seem to like them! To be honest though I'm only doing it because I feel like crap and hearing you all tell me how great I am, I mean my creations are, makes me feel good. I'm shameful, I know.