Sunday, July 06, 2008

A little diy project...

You might remember me saying that I don't do flats on special occasions? Yes? Well I lied. As with so many things over the last year I have changed my mind.

I am still wearing The Shoes, finding them was too much of an ordeal to abandon them now. Besides, they're pretty. But I'm starting to think that heels, all day, in the sun, outside might start to wear me down, so I started looking at flat sandals and as ever I had a shitload of requirements which made the task none too easy. They must be strappy, but definitely not flip flops. They must be glitzy but have no bling in claw settings, which would shred the lace on my dress. They must have a toe post and they must be comfy. Of course.

Well I found sandals that were flat, with straps in the right place and fitted like a dream but with sparkles that would rip the hem of my dress to tatters. Sandals that were perfect, but black. Sandals that were perfect, but painful to wear. Sandals that were perfect but painful to the wallet.

Then I fell for these, hard. They were $554. So I did what budget savvy women have been doing for hundreds of years, I made my own.....


I bought the sandals for £25 from Shellys,


And the rose is about a yard of silk ribbon from Cam Creations, which was $1.25.

It's just sewn on very loosely by wrapping the thread through and around the straps so it can be removed after the wedding as I think I prefer them plain for non-fancy wear.

Total cost, $52.50, total saving $501.50

(yes, there are two. I just took the pictures half way through.)