Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Little Doodles

I found these gorgeous prints through Dooce, a lady with exceptional taste. Although I only read her for the dog pictures.

They are by Little Doodles on Etsy and they're adorable.

Tea Bird

Choccie Birds

"they had staked their claims...Bab, the coffee creme, Elsa the chewy toffee"


Jam Bird

Quiff Bird

(This is my favourite, I love the watercolour rose in the corner, it's so very beautiful.)

Dreams of Custard Creams

Clara Love a Fruity Fragrance

The combination of watercolour and line drawing is something I really love. The soft muted background, the clean sharp lines and the little splashes of subtle colour are delicious.

All images from Little Doodles' Etsy shop.


  1. these are beautiful! i love the use of mixed media... the watercolor (maybe?) and the line drawings. so sweet.

  2. Greeting cards heaven is what I'm thinking. :-)

  3. so delicate and very lovely.

  4. Lovelymmorning, I love the mixed media too. Sometimes mixing media is so messy but these are just perfect!

    Vanessa, they would make gorgeous greeting cards, wouldn't they?

  5. omg. those birds look just like the ones on my wedding invitations (that I calligraphed)! weirdness. Very cute.

  6. Ooo these would make perfect gifts

    Love them!

  7. These are totally rad!


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