Thursday, July 24, 2008

Who cares if it rains?

Although I would really rather it didn't snow.

All photographs by Dudson Todd, and found via That Bride.


  1. Ha ha these are some truly gorgeous photos. So much character!

    If it snowed at your wedding, I think people would be rather shocked!

    Does it ever snow in November? I guess not... although it snowed in April this year so you never know!

  2. Truthfully, I have always hoped for rain for my outdoor wedding. Not like for August in Santa Barbara, but wouldn't it be nice... great photos

  3. oh my GOD that is cute

  4. These photos are wonderful! The faces and expressions of the people in them are priceless!!

    Luckily, I'm getting married inside!

  5. I hope it rains on my wedding day. In fact, I will be a little bit disappointed if it doesn't. I did choose Seattle after all.

  6. Thank you so much for this post! I don't have a backup plan for my outdoor wedding and it rains a lot here on the Oregon Coast in October. This post made me feel better about my "who cares" attitude towards the rain.

  7. GS, aren't they fun?! I hope that a lack of snow is the one weather certainty we can rely on! I don't know if it snows in November? I think snow's more a December to February thing!

    Melissa's Greetings, aren't they fab!

    Bri, well I hope you get just the littlest rain shower on your day!

    FF and Flutter, who would have thought rain could be so cute!

    Riley, you are a sensible lady!

    Taiya, you're very welcome. They had exactly the same effect on me!
    Jenna, well I'll be thinking soggy thoughts for you on your wedding day then!


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