Saturday, August 09, 2008

I was bad....

.... do you remember The Shoes? The ones I fell in love with online, the ones I begged friends and family members to help me buy, the ones that East Side Bride so adorably had delivered to her house, paid for postage for and waited patiently while a I made a huge mess of paying her back?

The ones that when I went for my first dress fitting I decided looked dirty?

Well I went to pick up my dress yesterday (it stinks of air freshener by the way, isn't that charming?) and I still didn't like the shoes. The grey still looked dirty against the white, they were just kind of blah and I was really struggling to walk in them. So I went a little crazy and bought these....

... I love them. They're so much closer to my original vision of what I wanted to wear. So fun, so happy so 'look at my shoes!' So bloody expensive I want to cry, but let's forget about that for a moment. I actually jumped up and down when we left the shop. That is the sign of a good shoe.

I can't believe all of the almost perfect shoes I disregarded because I wouldn't be able to wear them on the grass and now it looks as if it will be raining too hard for us to even set foot outside. At least now even if it's a grey day I won't have to look at grey shoes though!

Forgive me if my posting and commenting has been rather minimal over the last week. I do not like The Week Before the Week Before the Wedding. I hope that The Week Before the Wedding is better.


  1. Hi Peonies,

    I haven't commented on your blog yet, but just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed reading it over the past few months...

    And that I completely feel your pain regarding shoes! I bought some grey/silver shoes to go with my dress, and am having serious second thoughts.. Your gorgeous red dorothy shoes have just made me sure I need something bright under my dress in December!

    Anyway, congratulations again on a gorgeous blog, and lots of luck and good wishes for the wedding!


  2. it gets better once you get to the point where there's not much left you can do. for me that was the day my fiance's family got into town... i had planned to have everything done by then, and though it wasn't all done, that was when i needed to just let go and hand off whatever was left to one of my trusted friends/family/bridesmaids/etc. i am kind of a control freak so handing it all off was hard for me, but what a relief!

    p.s. there are worse things than buying an expensive pair of shoes that you can obviously wear again. and every time you wear them, they'll remind you of your wedding!

  3. Those babies are a pretty good rain consolation prize!

  4. Jumping up and down is the ultimate sign of giddy girlishness (in a good way). I hope the week before the wedding goes well for you.

  5. i'm so freaking jealous of those shoes!!! i hope this exact kind of serendipity hit me... i have yet to find THE shoes, just got a bunch of backups, and i'm only a week behind ya [so i totally feel you on the week before week before (+week before) madness]!

  6. That is undoubtedly a very pretty pair and I am just happy that you're pleased and tickled pink (red?) with them. At the end of the day, not-quite-right pairs notwithstanding, that's the most important thing. :-)

    By the way, have you given any thought to the future of this blog past the wedding day? I do hope you carry on! It's been so enjoyable, this place you keep on the interwebs!

  7. My gosh they're beautiful!

    (Rain is good luck anyway, you knew that right?)

  8. These are so gorgeous!! Where are they from?

  9. Those are really pretty! I just wanted to wish you nothing but happiness the week before your wedding :)

  10. I am pretty sure I just drooled

  11. great choice, they are fabulous!

  12. Hello there Peonies,

    Came upon your site via Style Me Pretty. Love reading your blogs. Saw those beautiful shoes you just got, where did you get them. I've been looking for something like this for quite a while.

    Good luck with everything and best wishes!!!!

  13. First, no guilty feelings allowed about the shoes they sent me that I sent you. It was a super-fun mission, even if you didn't wear 'em.

    And I hope you walked on air in the red ones. I have to say my silver slippers (which you approved before the purchase, may I remind you) were one expense I never regretted for an instant.


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