Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sheer deliciousness...

I've been fantasising about these since the moment the last one was eaten.

Deliciousness indeed.

Photo by me, the day after the wedding. When I gathered up all the little details that were missed on the day and photographed the bejeebus out of them. It's funny, but photographing food before you eat it makes it taste better. I swear.


  1. i cannot speak to the deliciousness but the cuteness is undeniable! i have never seen such beautiful cupcakes! jealous!

  2. aw, those are so sweet! i could NEVER decorate like that...adorable.

  3. Beautiful!!! wow. yum.

    and oh my gosh, I *totally* agree about photographing food. I took a picture of our dinner the other night, and my fh looked at me like I'm insane. Which... well. But.

  4. they are completely beautiful!

  5. I photograph almost everything I eat. In fact, when I went to Europe I DID phototograph everything I ate. And like looking at the photos and remembering.

  6. Why is everything you touch magic? I totally wish I could fly you out here and have you just touch everything at my wedding and make it magical like that. You'd be my magical wedding elf. You'd be so sad to be in Berkeley too, I know it :)

    Now that we know about one of your superhero powers, you need to somehow make a living doing it (or are you already?)

  7. Amanda, trust me, they were as delicious as they were cute!

    Piper Jacqelyn, almost too sweet to eat!

    (bride.) I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Flutter, they are, aren't they? I wish I could have sent you one!

    Jenna, it's a great way to remember how yummy something was isn't it?

    Meg, don't tempt me! We are talking and talking about moving to California and the temptation is almost too strong to resist! And a lot of what I touch breaks fairly instantly, it's really not all magic!

  8. So gorgeous! Did you make them?! Tips please!!


  9. ah! I've been fantasizing about cupcakes all day! These are so beautiful and perfect!

    and great shot! food photography isn't easy!

  10. It makes me want to go out and make cupcakes. Hmmm, I think I will.

  11. babypicturethis, no unfortunately I didn't. I wish! I'm planning on learning though.

    kd-m, thank you! It makes it easier if your subject is so photogenic. I don't think I'd do so well with a bowl of meatballs or any other brown food!

    word bird, you beat me to it, I'm still fantasising about baking and trying to resist.

  12. They look divine. I had to give them a shout on my blog.

    P.S. Love your blog as well.


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