Wednesday, September 24, 2008

August 16th

Saturday August 16
Aquarian Lunar Eclipse

[This] evening as the moon rises a glorious eclipse will take place. Even those who miss the spectacle will feel the influence. It will liberate something, end something, challenge and revive some hunger for adventure in your heart. If solar eclipses invite us all to rethink our idea about what's possible, lunar eclipses enable us all, in different ways, to overcome fears and negative emotions that have been holding us back. Over the coming weeks we will all go through experiences that allow us to move on.

August 16th, 1am. An Aquarian girl just got married.

Words by Jonathan Cainer and via Secrets of a Butterfly.


  1. Are we Internets twins?? Yay for Aquarians.

  2. Lady, this photo is my favorite. (With apologies to the shoes.) There's something so intimate and silly and sweet about self portraits...

  3. this made me all teary!

  4. hi beautiful,
    i just popped by to thankyou for the comment on whisper and to say hi to your bunnies from my 2!!

    But what a wonderful a surprise to see on your post the aquarius eclipse forecast i had posted from jonathan cainer, i really find his forecasts so eloquent and fitting. I am glad the words touched you, and how magical that that was the day you married,certainly a change there! thanks for putting the link to my blog.

    i think i will return the favour soon by telling everyone about your blog on my own, i'd some Peonies and polaroids up as a wonderful dose of femmininity(is that the correct spelling???)

    butterfly wishes kat x

  5. gorgeous. aw, love selfies!

  6. Jessica, did you feel anything funny on the 16th?

    Bailee's bride, aren't they lovely?

    Aubergine, possibly!

    Guilty, thank you.

    East Side, we have a huge collection of self portraits from all over the place, I want to make them into a book.

    Julia, thank you.

    Flutter, awww! You soppy lady!

    Kat, thank you so much for your comment! I was so happy when I found these lovely words on your blog. And I think that's how you spell femininity! (what a lot of Ms and Ns though!)

  7. Congratulations! You both look relaxed and happy in this photo. BTW you're ABSOLUTELY stunning in your dress- just perfect!


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