Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bohemian bride....

I just adore this couple and their sweet, understated style. It's so young and fresh, relaxed yet sophisticated. So utterly perfect is it that when I saw this image on {frolic} I was convinced it must be from a magazine fashion spread.

Photo by Alison Cox


  1. she is cute as a button

  2. Oh she does look lovely.. Mind you, I've just licked on {frolic!} and the first post is *YOU* looking absolutely delightful and exceedingly happy.

    *wedding envy!*

  3. Thanks for the link. I love this bride's style! I just posted about your wedding! It was so darling.

    -chelsea from Frolic!

  4. Flutter, she really is, isn't she?

    Amanda, how exciting to be on Frolic!

    Chelsea, you're welcome and THANK YOU!

    Joanna, too beautiful for words, isn't it?


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