Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm home. I'm tired, grumpy and despite ten days away and all the sea air a girl could ask for I am still suffering from a severe case of blogging lethargy.

It started before the wedding when my computer started crashing every three minutes. It continued when we got home after the wedding when I realised that there was no time to even think about having just got married before we had to leave again for a week's work. Getting back to find that having done nothing for two weeks there was a list of things to do that was even longer that The List we had a week before the wedding didn't help. And 'going on holiday' which was effectively just running away for nearly two weeks, weirdly enough didn't do anything good at all for that list or for my ability to think straight. Or at all.

I sit in front of the computer and my mind empties. Not in a calm, serene, breath through your mouth and allow the thoughts to drift away way, in a when did I become so fucking thick way. A where did all the inspiration go? kind of emptiness. I don't like it.

Photo by The Boy