Saturday, September 20, 2008


I'm home. I'm tired, grumpy and despite ten days away and all the sea air a girl could ask for I am still suffering from a severe case of blogging lethargy.

It started before the wedding when my computer started crashing every three minutes. It continued when we got home after the wedding when I realised that there was no time to even think about having just got married before we had to leave again for a week's work. Getting back to find that having done nothing for two weeks there was a list of things to do that was even longer that The List we had a week before the wedding didn't help. And 'going on holiday' which was effectively just running away for nearly two weeks, weirdly enough didn't do anything good at all for that list or for my ability to think straight. Or at all.

I sit in front of the computer and my mind empties. Not in a calm, serene, breath through your mouth and allow the thoughts to drift away way, in a when did I become so fucking thick way. A where did all the inspiration go? kind of emptiness. I don't like it.

Photo by The Boy


  1. I'm feeling it too, lady. Wondering if I should keep it up, wondering if it's f'n retarded to keep fixating on weddings....


  2. I'm so sorry to hear you're feeling so uninspired, but I'm sure it will pass! I remember going through something very similar a few weeks after our wedding. I was just exhausted - and I think you have every right to feel exhausted after all the effort you put into your wedding! You've been such a source of inspiration to me and others who read your blog, you deserve a rest (and to set aside The List) for a little while, and I'm sure the emptiness will fade away.

  3. let your brain go quiet. No words, no noise, no judgment. Just quiet. inspiration will follow

  4. that is the worst. i can totally relate... 2 months later i am still in the post-wedding fog, wondering when my life will get back to normal, or whether i can even remember what normal is like.

    hang in there!

  5. Sorry to hear that... I often find writing about being unable to write brings back my ability to write(!) so I hope the same happens for you :)

  6. Hello Sweetie.Sounds like overwhelment to me.I've been feeling similar. Maybe it's something in the air? Or that It's ok not to be perfect.
    Adore the boys pic.Atmospherics.
    Been thinking of you.lots of love

  7. Sorry you are feeling this.Big hugs and lots of loveX

  8. My dear, go easy on yourself. YOu just finished one of life's big moments, it makes sense that you would be worn out. And of course, you can always ask your dear readers for something that is inspiring them! (and of course no one would object to a spare wedding picture or two if you have them lying around).

  9. Ahh... blogging lethargy, I'm feeling quite similar, unfortunately. :sigh: Hopefully it'll pass soon! Just take some time and give your brain a little rest.

  10. East Side, your blog is so not a wedding blog (I never say 'so not', it pisses me off, but in this case it felt necessary). Honey, it's a Style Blog, without a doubt. Possibly THE Style Blog and you better not give it up.

    Nole, thank you. I wasn't expecting it, but the post-wedding exhaustion has definitely hit. It is the reason normal, well-funded people have honeymoons I think!

    Flutter, thank you. That's exactly what I need and what I'm trying to do.

    Amanda, thank you. I will.

    Guilty, that made me smile! Here's hoping!

    Sparklie, thank you gorgeous girly. It think it's definitely in the air. It's the light leaving us for another 8 months.

    Meg, thank you! A word of advice from such a wise woman is always appreciated! And the photos, god the photos! I open the folder, see 1400 thumbnails and come over all dizzy!

    Never that easy, thank you. I'm glad to know I'm not alone although I'm sorry you're feeling it too.

  11. I've felt that way too lately. It's hard - on my own blog, it's no big deal if I don't post every day. But at Elizabeth Anne Designs, there are some Thursday nights that I'm like "Think!! Think!! What can you write about???"

    If you're burnt out on writing, you can always just post lots of your beautiful pictures!

  12. I just had a thought (scary!). You've been sending all your thoughts, inspiration, creativity out into the blogosphere for so long, it makes sense if you're depleted? We used you up, drinking in all your beautiful ideas. Sorry? IOU. x

  13. Riley, funny how everyone suggests more photos!

    Sexyredframe, hmmmm. It's your fault! I like that excuse!


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