Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Girl, you make me laugh....

She really does you know. Every time.

By David Shrigley.


  1. That made me laugh out loud! There are a few people I can think of that I would like to say that to right now.

  2. Girlfriend! What!!!
    Since you are on vacation you probably didn't notice that you appeared on one of the best (and non-wedding at that) blogs of all time:

  3. Oh, how I love David Shrigley. Oh, how I love your blog. What a lovely discovery.

  4. Alice, it's brilliant isn't it? Not too rude but gets the message across perfectly!

    Flutter, glad you liked it!

    Meg, Scottish humour is very special! And so exciting to be on frolic!

    P, thank you! I love love love your blog!


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