Thursday, September 11, 2008

Heavenly delights....

I read the following conversation on my aunty's Flickr page:

Red Haired Aunt: If you look closely you can see the bride's red shoes peeking out under her dress. She wasn't going to buy them because they were really expensive but I told her they were an investment, like buying a sculpture. I'm so glad she listened to her Aunty.

Unnamed Flickr Person: What a good influence you are!

Red Haired Aunt: No pockets in a shroud, as Granny says.

Unnamed Flickr Person: Your granny a fan of the old Monolos was she?

Photos by me. Shoes from Dune.


  1. ha ha ha no pockets in a shroud! That's hilarious and brilliant.

    Oh peonies those shoes...I was slightly obsessed with those shoes so much so I went to try them on but then resisted as I thought it might be better to pay bills than buy beautiful shoes i will never wear. A girl can dream though.

    *sigh* they are SO beautiful! Perfect choice

  2. I haven't heard that phrase in years. I love it! It's the perfict counterbalance to the stress that comes from thriftyness. Hooray!

    Also? I tired on some $300 shoes, just for kicks (shoes you've posted on no less) and loved them. This makes me feel less guilty... not that I've bought them.

  3. I've only recently discovered your blog Peonies and its been wonderful reading it. Everytime these shoes have appeared they have made me smile!

  4. Those shoes are FABULOUS. I've loved every picture you've posted of them. I definitely think they were worth every penny (or pence, I guess, depending on your location).

  5. peonies, are they comfortable? am a bit scared of high heels...

  6. I want those shoes. I want those shoes. I want those shoes

  7. I love those shoes!!! And- I'm glad you listened to aunty too!

  8. Ha ha, that's simply adorable! And your shoes are beyond beautiful. Can't wait to hear about future special wearings....

    And P.S. I was on today, entering contests (as I do, fanatically), and I saw a little photo on their blog stream that looked like our lovely Peonies. And it was!! Love looking at photos of your wedding, and can't wait to see more.

  9. Gosh I'm so glad you got the shoes in the end..and the photos are making me drool! They're gorgeous!

  10. What a great way to describe your shoes Peonie. And featured on as well! Hope you're having a good break.

  11. Love this! Nice Shoe shots--my favorite thing.

  12. what a divine pair of heels ...

  13. Those shoes are heavenly

  14. They really suited you.

  15. Wow! I love those shoes! Who needs a fancy wedding dress when you can have killer heels like those!

  16. Zoe, isn't it brilliant? I love it. The shoes are so naughty, I love them! I'm so glad I went for it!

    Meg, I'm glad to provide a counterbalance, everything needs one and it's hard to find one that justifies spending money! Sometimes, if you can afford it without going hungry, it's really really ok to spend money on something frivolous.

    Guilty, isn't it! Certainly made me laugh.

    Ceecee, I'm so glad! They make me smile every time too.

    Kirsty, they were worth it for the reaction the provoked at the wedding alone!

  17. Loretta, they are surprisingly comfortable! They have quite a high platform on them so there's not as much pressure on the ball of your foot as you would expect.

    Flutter, I thought of you when I saw them. You are the Red Shoe Girl!

    Joanna, thank you!

    Wendy, me too. She's a wise woman!

  18. Tulip, I can't wait to wear them again! And thank for pointing out Glamour, so very exciting!

    Polka Dot Bride, I know. I can't believe I almost didn't get them!

    Rachel, thank you!

    One Love Photo, they were very photogenic!

    cassaundra, divine is definitely the right word!

  19. Dana, thank you!

    Sparklie, thank you! In a way they are not really 'me', they're a bit too chunky but I'm so glad I went for it!

    Kirstin, they are an outfit all in themselves aren't they!

  20. i loved the red shoes... i really want to try them out... they are soo beautiful... i would like to share some link check this out...


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