Sunday, September 07, 2008

A little trip...

Dear readers, I'm off again. The Boy and I are heading north with my Mum for a week by the sea. I grew up on an island you see. A remote, slightly bleak but oh so beautiful island and I haven't been back for over two years. I miss it terribly and god, do we need a rest. The Boy and I have been either working or getting marred pretty much every day for the last three months and this will be the first time we've had with nothing (bar 30-odd thank you cards) to do for longer than I care to remember. We are run down, worn out and about ready to drop. In fact The Boy already has dropped, he's been in bed with the flu for days now and I think he needs to take in the sea air (we saw The Duchess today, the idea of going away 'for one's health' is something I'm feeling rather fond of at the moment. That and ostrich feathers).

I have a few posts lined up for while I'm away but to be honest they're a bit shit. My imagination is sorely lacking at the moment but I hope that some wind, salty sea air and a week without television or a computer will revive my tired mind.

And no, it's not a honeymoon. My mum's coming with us. I'm pretty sure that makes it null and void as far as the old romantic getaway goes. The only way we can afford to go anywhere is to hitch a ride on her holiday.

The Boy took these photos when we were courting (I love that word.) He came to visit me, he'd never been before. I took him here, I took him horse riding on the beach and I took him up a mountain to shear sheep. Now he loves it as much as I do.

See you when I get back. I've no idea when that will be, we haven't booked a return ticket...


  1. Those views (and sounds and smells) look like it will soothe mind, soul and body. Hope you have a relaxing week. x

  2. Have a wonderful time! I'm sure it will be just what you need and you'll come back feeling grounded and refreshed.

    I love 'courting' too :)

    We'll miss you...

  3. Hello there Peonie,
    I hope you both have a wonderful break away to what looks like an idyllic escape.
    Please tell your 'sweet' Boy, his photos are fabulous I thought they were from a magazine,and that they are a very seductive tool esp if courting!
    I experienced feeling like im there when looking at them and in reality wish to be there.Please send him lots of well wishes from myself and the Cakegaterascall would you?
    I pray you get the rest you both need and enjoy the gorgeous peace, and soul nourishment you so deserve.So I'm wondering if it will feel like 'coming home' in many different ways to you Peonie.Albeit this time you will be a married lady.

    Sending you both lots and lots and lots of love. I hope you ALL have a wonderful break,and feel rejuvenated and time to just 'be', to be human 'beings' not human doings for a bit.

  4. I wanted to say but felt selfish if I did, that I'll miss you.XXXXXXXXXX

  5. Enjoy your rest and the pounding surf and for f* sake stay away from computers!


  6. You better come back! We'd miss you so if you didn't.

    I know what it feels like to need to get away from the computer, so enjoy it (and don't check in).

  7. Gorgeous. I can see why you're dying to get back. Have a good holiday!

  8. i'm definately not looks like the perfect "getaway" and perfect "recoop" place to be!!

    Wow it looks so amazingly beautiful...and fantastic photography as always!

    Also wanted to say "congrats" :o)

    Take care and hope you both feel re-energised when you return to the madness called "life"

    God bless you

  9. ::sigh:: this is why I want to live in Europe. We don't have anything that gorgeous anywhere near us. it would take an 8 hour plane ride to get to anything that beautiful.

    Have a fun and relaxing time!

  10. Stunning Photos! I hope you have a lovely relaxing time.

  11. Ooh it looks wonderful... Scotland?

  12. Have a fabulous non honeymoon! Hope it gives you the space and time you both need.

    Look forward to your return!


  13. Amazing photos! I love the ocean- any ocean! Have a great trip and enjoy the peace.

  14. Thank you all! It was wonderful.

    Guilty, isn't it a great word?!

    Sparklie, thank you so much. The Boy will be thrilled to have your compliment!

    Tiffany, it was an 8 hour car ride then a 2 hour ferry, so quite a trip!

    Amanda, yup!


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