Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tweet tweet...

I finally finished them! And they looked quite dapper. The Best Man stood staring at them intently for a few moments then turned to The Boy,

"She looks just like Cara. It's the eyes, something in the eyes...." before turning back to stare intently at them again. It was rather late in the day and I think he'd been getting stuck into the homemade champagne.

Photo by me.


  1. They're adorable! What will you do with them now?

  2. save them for anniversary cakes I would suspect (at least, that's what I plan to do with mine!)

    they look gorgeous Peonies.

    also, homemade champagne?! How? xx

  3. They are so cute! How did your homemade champagne turn out?

  4. they turned out absolutely perfect!

  5. toooo cute! loving that mauvy colour... what is it? mauve? say it again and it starts sounding weird: m-a-u-v-e...

  6. Oh Cara... this could be a crafty side business... of course you'd need to change them a bit so they were not *achem* like *achem* something else. Could you do MONKEYS??? I mean, not for a etsy shop. I don't know how monkey cake toppers would go over, but... you know, I like monkeys.

    They are so GREAT!

  7. I'm pretty sure Meg is trying to hire you.

  8. You took pictures at your own wedding? Please tell me you did because I fully intend on doing so.
    I even had my grandma hand crochet me a purse that is just the right size for some lipgloss and my camera. And then I can tell people I am just trying to be like you and they will say "good choice, she is brilliant"

  9. Guilty, I'm going to get The Boy to make a little wooden box with a glass front to put them in then put them on the wall!

    Rachel, anniversary cakes... now that's a good idea. I'll share the details of the champagne soon, it was delicious.

    Melissa, thank you. And yummy, is the answer to your question!

    Heather, they turned out so much better than I imagined.

    Redframe, it is a weird word isn't it?

    Meg, I really hope that one day soon there will be time to make lots more birdies and possibly a monkey or two too! You made me laugh!

    East Side, yeah, I got that impression too!

    Jenna, I wish! There just wasn't time! And my camera weighs the same amount as a small child. If I'd had one that would fit in a clutch bag I probably would have done. I took this the day after, with the left overs!


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