Tuesday, October 07, 2008

At the altar...

Today I was so excited to see this post on Lauren and Desaray's blog. I adored their engagement photos when I saw them on Punam Bean's blog and emailing Punam to ask if I could share them has been on my to do list for an embarrassingly long time (actually everything on my to do list is getting embarrassing. I'll let you guess for yourself if the laundry got done or not...)

So I decided just to point you in their direction and let you look for yourself.

While the sunshine portraits are stunning it is the pictures of Lauren and Desaray in the tattoo parlour that I really love. There is an intimacy and power in them that I can't find words to describe, but they are infinitely moving and utterly beautiful. If a little gory in places....

Go, look, love....

Image by Punam Bean and via Dingmoonment.


  1. Love! Love! Love! Love Desaray, love the photos, love the tatoos, love.

    Did you catch all that?

  2. caught ;}

  3. Hello, I'm discovering your beautiful blog via the link about All Things Bright and Beautiful. I'll be reading you from now on. You have a fresh eye and your blog is a delight.

  4. YOW - I love Desaray long time, and you're right... those pics speak more to them than almost any others I've seen.

  5. A testament not only to Lauren and Desaray, but to Punam's special talent for getting incredibly close and personal in her photos, without telegraphing her own presence in any way. Love looking at her pics -- you get such a feel for the couples involved! (Part of why we treasure our own Punam wedding pics so very dearly....)

  6. Meg, caught! Me too.

    Desaray, thanks for dropping by!

    Corine, hi! And welcome. Thank you for your comment!

    Broke-ass, they're wonderful pictures aren't they?

    Tara, she's very talented isn't she? Your wedding photos were lovely.


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