Thursday, October 02, 2008


I adore this dress on etsy. Can we have another wedding? One with a short dress? And no vendors? And more cake?

Images from Lynnsrags, found via From Diamonds to Vows.


  1. Ooh pretty

    It's quite early years Madonna...Like a virgin!

  2. So frothy and fun and young and irreverent... I want one! With a wedding to match.

  3. I did a doubletake - I would swear I bought and sold the longer original of this dress. I meant to wear it as a wedding dress, but I'm too tall. It's probably not the same one, but still - funny!

  4. I know, isn't she just a killer? So pretty. Makes me think I need a second dress.......... :)

  5. Mmmmm....delicious! What a cute little bridal party frock. I must say, I rather want one myself. Now, if only I were as cute as the little blonde wearing it in the photos.... :-)

  6. Babypicturethis, thank you! You've cured me! The merest mention of Madonna and I no longer want the dress!

    Redframe, it would need a very certain sort of wedding to go with it, wouldn't it?

  7. Julia remix, how strange!

    Bekapage, oooh, you'd suit it!

    Cyd, I know. She wears it so well it would be a hard act to follow.


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