Friday, October 10, 2008

Falling in love...

I bought this card for The Boy a month or two after we had started going out. I never gave it to him. It wasn't an easy time, I wasn't the most trusting. I was scared of falling in love but what fool wouldn't be? Look how far there is to fall if you can't quite reach....

I kept it to remind me that the leap was worth it. That although it was terrifying the exhilaration of letting go and the deep relief of finding those hands,of catching and being caught would be everything. I kept it because looking at it made me aware that not letting go, allowing him to hand there upside down while we swung away from each other again would break both of us, that there wouldn't be a second chance, that only one swing would bring us close enough to catch hold of each other.

This little card says more to me about love than the oldest oil paintings, the cleverest poems and the most heart wrenching love songs. It says love is a leap of faith and only you can decide whether or not to make it.

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  1. Great post, Peony. I agree, love takes courage. Intimacy requires openness to vulnerability.

    I feel like the appropriate response is: well done you!

  2. This is really sweet :)

  3. I must say, I am one of those fools who often jumped too carelessly. What a relief when you finally land in the right hands!

  4. Bless you...

    I've tagged you at my blog, you don't have to join in of course...

  5. I had no idea, how happen be in love with anyone?


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