Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fourth of the fourth

I am loving all of the tagging going on around these parts, keep it up and I won't actually have to think of something to post for myself for a good few weeks.

I was tagged by Vanessa of the fabulous Stopping to Eat the Roses to share the fourth photo from the fourth folder on my computer. This is what I found....

In June of 2005 The Boy and I spent five days in New York City. I loved it, never have I felt more at home in a place and if I could afford to and The Boy didn't become apoplectic at the thought of moving house and it not being to the countryside, I would be there in a heartbeat.

On our last day in the city we went to Coney Island. It was the evening, it was getting dark. It was quiet and almost completely deserted. It was magical...

"America has built for herself a Palace of Illusion, and filled it with every species of talented attractive monster, every misbegotten fancy of frenzied nerves, every fantastic marvel of the moonstruck brain - and she has called it Coney Island."
Richard Le Galliene, "Human Need of Coney Island." The Cosmopolitan, V.39 No. 3 (July 1905)

Our five days in New York were the start of a month long adventure for me and even longer for The Boy. We went from there to Connecticut, where for ten days The Boy helped his parents prepare their new boat for a voyage across the Atlantic. At the last minute before we were to leave for two weeks in Berkeley, he decided to go with them. I travelled back to New York and across the country to California by myself and I spent two wretched weeks in Berkeley before heading home across the Atlantic alone. As I flew over the ocean I knew that my boy was down there, somewhere. And a small, scared part of me doubted that I'd ever see him again. The boat had no communications on board, I had no idea where he was, how he was, whether they were still afloat. As the days after they were supposed to be home ticked by and the phone didn't ring, I curled up with my computer and read the New York Times online. I fantasised about living in the city that had felt like home and I stared at the map of the world that hung on our wall. I drew a boat on it and I wondered where he was. Then, one day, ten days late the phone rang. It was him and I couldn't believe it. Alive, coming home, tales of being lost in the ocean, a broken boat, never again.


  1. What a lovely photo. The story accompanying it is lovely and frightening all at once.

  2. This sucked the breath right out of me

  3. What? OMG That sounds awful...

  4. Chills, goosebumps, omg... what a post, and that from a tag? I'll be nicer towards them from now on! I can't believe you nearly lost the boy that was to be your husband!!!

  5. That's a fantastic photo - so atmospheric! And I'm so glad the Boy wasn't lost at sea - how worrying for you.

  6. very brave of you Peony, I'd have been going mental!

    Are you tagging anyone to carry on the meme? x

  7. That is very eerie and poetic.

  8. I loved the story - though I can imagine you can only narrate it easily now that you have your Boy safe and sound and near you...

    Thanks for participating in the tag. I do so love a cheerful player! ;-)

  9. Wow, thank you for sharing that story, I held my breath as I read it. It must have been so frightening, I am glad that you and the Boy got to live happily ever after...

    Next time you come to NY, you have to go to Brighton Beach, its the neighborhood that borders Coney Island, its more Russian than Russia is right now :)

  10. Holy smokes I couldn't breathe for reading that - what a story!

  11. Ambika, thank you. It was a frightening few weeks!

    Flutter, thanks girlie.

    Trips, it was!

    Redframe, it's quite a good tag isn't it?

    Tea and Adventures, thank you.

    Rachel, thanks for reminding me to pass it on!

    Blablover, thank you.

    Vaness, yes - it took a while to be anything other than frightened and angry!

    Bridechenka, thank you. And oh how I hope we will be back in NY one day!

    Broke Ass Bride, thank you!

  12. That shot is so perfect--especially since Astroland ceased operations September 7th. It captures the realness of what it was--nothing fancy, nothing ostentatious--with the reality of declining visitors and the land on it more valuable than the property itself. And the story--well, let's just say I've had my own version of that. New York was involved in that as well. :-)

  13. Come back to New York, dear Peony, and bring The Boy. We will eat hot dogs and pie and drink coffee on the Promenade looking out on the Manhattan skyline. You can crash on our air mattress and fend off Verne (orange) and Roy (black).

  14. Bellethellama, thanks for your comment. It's so sad that Astroland is gone. I would love to hear your version!

    P, One day you will regret that invitation my dear! One day, when The Boy and I are refusing to leave.


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