Monday, October 20, 2008

Little somethings....

It's been forever since I spent a day (or week) lusting after little somethings on etsy. It's the perfect way to pass a day of computer chores that are really dragging.

This beautiful notebook by Pumpkin Sputnik might inspire me to do something more creative than ogling little somethings...

I love this super shiny papier mache bowl by Up In The Air Somewhere

I thought that this great card by Sugar Street Cafe said 'Let's get old and stinky together'. I kind of wish it did.

Common? Or classic?

I've dreamt of a necklace made from sea glass for the longest time. I never imagined a way that one could be elegant, rather than homemade though. This is the necklace I dreamed of...

Pretty poppy bowls by Prince Design UK

I like this stegosaurus.

I can't decide if this pretty organza hair flower is too peach? Perhaps it would suit someone with dark hair better?

I didn't love this enough to be a wedding ring, but I love it enough just to be a ring ring.

I've always wanted a perfectly round locket. This one is round, and perfect.

This Caribbean Droplet bowl With Hole is fabulous. In a fit of boredom I might have bought myself a very similar one earlier today...

All images from etsy and courtesy of the individual sellers.