Monday, October 20, 2008

Little somethings....

It's been forever since I spent a day (or week) lusting after little somethings on etsy. It's the perfect way to pass a day of computer chores that are really dragging.

This beautiful notebook by Pumpkin Sputnik might inspire me to do something more creative than ogling little somethings...

I love this super shiny papier mache bowl by Up In The Air Somewhere

I thought that this great card by Sugar Street Cafe said 'Let's get old and stinky together'. I kind of wish it did.

Common? Or classic?

I've dreamt of a necklace made from sea glass for the longest time. I never imagined a way that one could be elegant, rather than homemade though. This is the necklace I dreamed of...

Pretty poppy bowls by Prince Design UK

I like this stegosaurus.

I can't decide if this pretty organza hair flower is too peach? Perhaps it would suit someone with dark hair better?

I didn't love this enough to be a wedding ring, but I love it enough just to be a ring ring.

I've always wanted a perfectly round locket. This one is round, and perfect.

This Caribbean Droplet bowl With Hole is fabulous. In a fit of boredom I might have bought myself a very similar one earlier today...

All images from etsy and courtesy of the individual sellers.


  1. Thanks for reminding me what a great recourse Etsy could be for this year's Christmas presents. Just so long as I get my arse in gear in time...

  2. I love the seaglass necklace :)

  3. you have remarkable taste

  4. Oh I love wall decals and I think that one's just perfect! Quirky enough to not be common? Says she of the exposed brick walls. Life is tough.

  5. Mmmmm...delish finds. That locket is so unique and wonderful, and the papier mache bowl almost looks like a meteor that fell to earth.

    And I wish the elephant card said stinky too. In my husband's case this would be appropriate indeed :)

  6. Guilty, me too. I didn't quite manage last year and I'm not feeling much motivation this year either.

    Melissa, isn't it pretty!

    Flutter, thank you!

    Redframe, I agree.

    Citysage, heehee! I'm glad it's not just me who wants a card proclaiming my husband's stinkiness.

  7. Peony I swear our tastes are starting to merge (well, mine are starting to merge with yours is probably more like it).

    I wrote my vows in the card by sugar street cafe (and plan to frame it), and I gave my sister a locket that looks an awful like the one you posted (

    I am glad you are such a good influence on me.


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