Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Princess Sparkle and the Tinkerbell tutu...

"’s like a My Little Pony and Tinkerbell totally got it on nasty-style in a magical rhinestone shop and this dress was their sparkling bastard love child. And I mean that in the very best possible way! I’m totally in love."

Ariel. Offbeat Bride

I love this dress. Ok, it's not quite my usual style but it and its gorgeous bride are bloody fabulous and make me do a little happy dance.

Images from Flickr and via Offbeat Bride.


  1. YEOW - that's quite a dress - I love it! And the bouquet is gorgeous.

  2. She is FANTASTIC that dress is amazing and I am now completely in love with her

  3. oh wow, the pictures are stunning! I love the first picture with the dress and flowers.

  4. Seriously utterly fabulous. It's about her, you know? Not about becoming "the bride."

  5. Gorgeous gorgeousness, I love it, I love the colours, I love the irreverant fun of it - lovely jubly

  6. I would never wear it but she looks great in it!

  7. Not really your usual style you say? Could've fooled me.
    It makes me smile too.
    I struggle to picture her solemnly vowing to stick it out through the hard times, in that dress!

  8. She is rockin' that dress! Nothing looks better on a bride than personal style...

  9. She really does look fantastic, I'd love to be so brave as to wear something like that!!

  10. P, isn't the bouquet fab? I think they're fabric flowers which normally I'm not a fan of but they are so beautiful and to have it forever would be so cool.

    Flutter, me too!

    Nileey, they're beautiful pictures, aren't they?

    Guilty, I love that. Becoming 'a bride' is such an obsession for most. Me included, although I didn't realise it at the time.

    The Cwtch, irreverent fun is such a good way to describe it!

    Rachel, I don't think many would wear it and that makes it all the more fabulous!

    Redframe, what? You don't see me in it?!

    Fiore, well said!

    Amanda, me too!

  11. love this dress on this bride! i blogged it a while ago too!

  12. That's an unorthodox dress ... And yet so charming! I love the dress, and I'm so glad the bride did it her way :)

  13. just a little rockfairy4/8/09 10:13 pm's so damn beautiful!:)


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