Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"I'm afraid if I shake it too hard the glitter will fall off."

East Side Bride
, on A Practical Wedding.

That's why I'm struggling to write about our wedding. There was me thinking that I was just a lazy bastard, but actually I'm scared I'll rub off the glitter. I just didn't know until East Side pointed it out.


  1. That was my favorite line of her whole post. It's how I even feel writing about our plans (notice how little I do that) so I can't imagine how I would feel after the wedding. I used to, more, when I had about 20 readers all guests, but now, it feels... scary. It was so well put it keeps ringing in my ears today.

  2. That line stuck in my head all day too!

    I have a feeling my readers are going to be mightily disappointed post-wedding. I won't be sharing anywhere near as many photos as they'd like to see and I doubt I'll be able to write as much as they want to read.

    Like Meg, on my old blog when I had a smaller group of readers, I poured my heart out, telling them everything. Now it has grown, it just feels weird. I keep trying to put it into perspective with the number of people on the planet my readers are still a tiny, tiny number. But they 'know' each other, are a real community.

    So, yeah, it's weird. I understand.

  3. No need to throw out disclaimers (are readers complaining?)...I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog but I love it and think your posts are lovely! I've been reading everyday! You have a great voice and excellent sense of style.

  4. I understand what you mean, I think I'll be hesitant to share post-wedding too. No one puts it better than east side! :)

  5. Hi Peony!
    I know the feeling...we never watched our wedding video (not one minute of it, not a single time!) until we'd been married NINE years! I couldn't bare to find out that it wasn't the absolute perfection that I remembered in my mind. And when we finally did watch it, I have to admit that a little of the glitter did fall off. Haven't watched it since.


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