Monday, October 06, 2008

today, to do, guilty, facts...

Did today...

1. This. Can you tell it took 8 hours? No, I didn't think so.
2. Fantasised about Kitchenaids
3. Threw fizzy painkillers all over my computer
4. Mourned the loss of All Things Bright and Beautiful.

To do...

1. Edit our wedding photos. Sigh
2. Wash dishes. Double sigh
3. Laundry. I hate laundry. I'll let you guess for yourself how many sighs that provokes.
4. Blog. Really blog, not just 'ooh, I have three and half minutes to spare, I'll write something that requires about as much thought as brushing my teeth' blogging.

(by dzg_iĆ²)

Guilty Pleasures...

1. Reading fashion magazines on the toilet
2. Organic Peruvian 70% dark chocolate
3. Desperate Housewives
4. Reading bitchy, shallow, red-carpet fashion blogs.

Random Facts...

1. I wanted to be a fashion designer, until I achieved my dream and got into the one Art School in the country that teaches fashion design. At which point I decided I wanted to be a photographer.
2. I can't whistle. I try but I just blow spit everywhere. Which is nice.
3. I gave up chocolate for a year once. During that year I kept 6 maltesers in my desk drawer, you know, just in case. I ate one near the end of that year. It did not taste good.
4. I'm bad with numbers. Really bad. I just don't like them at all. The Boy is bad with words though so in our relationship he does the maths and I do the writing. It works out quite well.

(yours truly, by The Boy)

I was tagged by Wedding Fanatic and am passing on the questions to all who read them! I know, I know that's not how it works but humour me.


  1. Yes I can believe that took eight hours, and I think it looks quite lovely!

    Unfortunately, I am not so creative myself and just today issued the SOS on my blog. Therefore, I am quite jealous and impressed.

  2. i dont really understand the 'tagging' bit but im so gonna fill it out myself im bored

  3. i miss maltesers sooooo much... i grew up with it (in a british colony) but it's not readily available where i live now. the US version (whoppers) doesn't even come close!

  4. oh, i love you as the bride and the photographer. such a beautiful shot!

  5. I can't whistle either! Thought I was the only one

  6. I LOVE the picture of you with your camera!! (and Dubbs is right, whoppers don't come anywhere near close to maltesers...the fact that you went without ANY for a full 365 is quite impressive and makes me like you that much more.)

  7. Holy cow, I had no idea you were a pro photographer! Guess that explains some of the gorgeous photos in your posts, but really, your work is just beautiful. And that snap of you with wedding dress and camera is so wonderful it makes me tear up a bit....

    (PS This is Tara from TwoWishes, a/k/a Mrs Tulip ... hi! For the longest time I couldn't figure out how to work your comment sign-in options, though now that I have a Google account -- yes, the last person in the universe -- I seem to be in! Sort of.)

  8. I almost cried over ATB&B...Felicity is such a wonderful person. I have heard she is fine though, I miss it though so much!

  9. That last shot of you is one of my favourite shots of a bride ever. You rock, Peony!

  10. gorgeous photo of you with the camera - I considered myself tagged btw.

  11. BTW

    That last shot is so something I would frame (if I was Peonies that is!) It is so you! (to me anyway!)

  12. If I didn't run off and elope, I would have looked just like the last shot. I think I did look like that just in a black little dress instead.
    Love all the little bits and pieces that you share.......

  13. Gossip. Style. Wed, thank you! It took me forever to make my blog pretty and unfortunately it was more luck than judgement so I can't really advise!

    Kat, yay!

    Dubbs, I can imagine. I've always found other countries versions of British sweets rather crap!

    Lovelymorning, thank you.

    Darci, isn't it embarrassing? I wish I could whistle!

    Grosgrain bride, thank you!

    East side, I did but I still love to hear it!

    Redframe, thank you!

    Tara, thank you! And it's so lovely to hear from you, I'm glad you've figured out blogger!

    Polkadot, I cried when I read her comment on Corine's blog. Before that I kept thinking that maybe she'd come back. It's so sad.

    Guilty, The Boy is most pleased that you like his picture!

    Rachel, thank you!

    Polkadot, it is very me! It's one of my favourites from the wedding.

    One Love Photo, it's so Photographer Bride isn't it?! And thank you, I'm always honoured when you leave a comment, I love your work so much!


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