Monday, November 24, 2008

Because puppies are not the only cute...

What with all my whining about wanting a puppy you may have found yourself under the impression that I am suffering a deficit of fluffy love in my life which isn't true, I'm just greedy.

While I have these boys I really have no business coveting owls, pygmy hippos or the cutest damn puppy in the whole bloggy world...

The Bunny

Although The Boy says that 'boys' really isn't accurate, seeing how we chopped their testicles off. (Not personally, we paid someone qualified to undertake the task. It cost a lot of money, £40 per testicle but at least now they don't spray pee on the walls and hardly ever hump each other's heads)

The Rabbit

The Rabbit doesn't give me much fluffy love, in fact I'm pretty sure he hates us. But it's ok, he's gorgeous and his indignation is really quite hilarious so we tolerate the silent 'fuck you' that emanates from him all day, every day.

The Bunny however is a darling and is more than willing to lie in your armpit for hours on end, licking your shoulder and shnuffling in your ear. Which makes up for the fact that he pees on himself and the floor and shoots poop like a popcorn machine.

Occasionally The Rabbit admits that he is not in fact the supreme being and does need sustenance beyond his disdain for the human population, giving in to showing the behaviour of mere mortals - drinking, digging and eating his own poop. Did you know that rabbits eat their own shit? Adorable.

Who would have thought it of that nose?

Photos by me and The Boy.