Saturday, November 08, 2008

Love + Marriage

I am in love with these new images from photographer Max Wanger. Max is an editorial photographer based in LA who is breaking into the world of weddings and his photos are just delicious. They inspire a rather unpleasant jealousy in me, both as a bride and a photographer; I want pictures of me and The Boy that are that beautiful and I want to take pictures of others that are that beautiful. Sigh....

Photos courtesy of Max Wanger


  1. These are great .. I agree with your dilemma..

  2. That bride is delicious, as are the photographs.

    I have the same uncomfortable sensation when I read beautiful blogs...

  3. Oh my... I am in love with them all! Especially the one with the bride on the swing, so playful!
    I'll have to remember these for inspiration!

  4. Peonies, you scooped me! Julian + Shoko are so fabulous. And, yes, of course the photos....

  5. Darling Dexter, thank you for your comment!

    P, oh me too.

    Rachel, they are indeed!

    Megan and Melissa, the one with the bride on the swing is my favourite!

    East Side, they're too damn fabulous for words. Such a gorgeous couple. You can post them too, the whole wedding blogging world has done!

  6. Is that a Ban-do the bride is wearing? Just gorgeous.

  7. Gorgeous.. Would you happen to know where to purchase that big flower for the hair? It's so pretty.

  8. Eliandme, I think it is!

    PS, I Love This, I can't be certain but I think it's from Isn't it lush!

  9. This is an all around amazing photo shoot. Beautiful couple, gorgeous captures, and fun editing.

    Great inspiration.


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