Sunday, November 23, 2008

Party dresses...

Reiss is my very favourite clothes shop, it's a shame that I can't afford a damn thing from there and I just destroyed the only item of clothing I've ever bought from them - a perfect pair of wide leg, grey linen-esque trousers that I've worn and loved for 7 years and that I hoped would survive at least another 7, or until they don't fit me any more, which I bought for £15, reduced from £100. Seven damn years before I put them in the wash at 60 degrees instead of 40. Fuck.

I nearly bought my wedding dress from Reiss, and then I nearly bought a second wedding dress from Reiss and then I nearly bought a 'it's the week of the wedding and I need something beautiful to wear' dress from Reiss and now the buggers are tempting me to buy a 'it's nearly Christmas and although I never go to parties I need a party dress' dress...

Despite having expensive taste I manage to exert an admirable level of control over what I actually buy (which is very little these days). For which I think I deserve a reward, say.... a deliciously fruffly (feather shapes + ruffles = fruffles) black silk dress....

All dresses from....Reiss and all pictures link to the delight in question.


  1. These are frilly and severe. The dresses say: "girly-but-will-pop-an-elbow-if-you-misbehave". A style for dressing and life!

    I am impressed at the bargain you got for your favorite item and I'm sorry a cherished piece got ruined. I only hand-wash anything over $30. I love that way.

  2. Oh gosh, I love the 1st and 3rd one. The first one you'd be all channeling Audrey and wearing beautiful shoes and acting a lady.
    The third one is one that all your friends would go 'omg. amazing. so jealous'. And all the men in your life would go 'um, big bird? don't get it.'

  3. Vanessa, exactly! I think I should dress like this every day. The ripped jeans and woolly jumper with bits of breakfast on it aren't really conveying the right image for me.

    Amber, heehee! Yes, men really wouldn't get it.

  4. Oh, how I love Reiss. I have never yet owned an item of their beautiful clothing. Perhaps this year's sale will be my first chance.

  5. I love Reiss 2!!I've attached this beautiful dress i got the other day!its called Scarlet dress!Everybody seems to be going crazy about Reiss at the moment

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