Monday, November 03, 2008

Passions revisited...

I used to be a photographer. Now I just take the occasional photograph. I used to carry a camera everywhere, not so much any more. I used to have confidence in my abilities to capture moods, moments and atmosphere, to become a great photojournalist. Art school killed all that. It was a horrible experience that ended early, with half of the qualification I had been aiming for, threats of a lawsuit (me, against them) and a shit load of debt that really doesn't feel worth it. Fun times.

Slowly, ever so slowly, I'm starting to feel like one day I might call myself a photographer again. The first step is sharing some photos, brushing off the dust, reminding myself where my passions lay...

1. Queen Anne's lace, 2. Blue and yellow, 3. Moroccan children, 4. Me, 5. Coney Island boardwalk, 6. peonies 2, 7. wings in Essaouira, part 2, 8. moroccan hands, 9. Boy with camera, 10. moroccan horse, 11. astroland park, 12. Boat


  1. You are Very good, don't let anybody keep you from your passions! Life is too short... thank you for sharing those awesome photos!

  2. Those are all gorgeous.

    But my eyes are always drawn to the hands when I look at the mosaic. That one is really amazing.

  3. I used to be a and think I could be a lot of things before University killed them too. And as you know, I'm saddling the same debt. The system is fucked up, the way it is now. But enough of that, eh? Let's look at where we are now...

    You're quite the photographer, however you got here. I'm really pleased to see you celebrating that again and thinking about moving forwards with it.

  4. you know i adore you, and among the many reasons, there are your photographs. even on the days when i'm way to busy to keep up with any wordy blog entries in my reader, i always scroll through to check out any new pics you may have posted first. you have a distinctive style and emotion attached to your work, which is a rare find nowadays. i hope you recover from the bad experiences fully, because i can't wait to see all the things i can't even imagine right now that you can do.


  5. Your photos are amazing. I wish I could capture things the way you do, but I just don't quite have THE eye for it. Or maybe I just need a better camera. (That's what I tell myself, anyway.) ;)

    Please share your photos whenever you get the urge. And if you decide to sell any prints, I'll gladly pay for the overseas shipping. =)

  6. Beautiful work. I too was scarred by art school... Now that your wedding planning is over, you can devote more time to shooting. :)

  7. I just wanted to let you know I love your photographs. You've got a wonderful eye and amazing taste.

    To echo the same sentiments by other posters, I think there is something to be said about the idea that sometimes schooling isn't all that is cracked up to be and that it can often scar a person so much that they doubt themselves and what their inner most heart tells them is right. I hope that you find love and joy in it again because I can tell you that no matter how horribly your University experience may be, in the end no one can take your passion for it away unless you allow them to. Take it one day at a time and perhaps, like me, you may find yourself rekindling old friendships with those dear things you used to love.

  8. Did I ever tell you that I also started out in art school for photography? Well, I did, and I had the exact same experience as you. I had enough after the first year and switched schools, shifted majors from photography/photojournalism to international affairs, and pretty much refused to pick up a camera for about four years. But I'm glad to see that you're getting back into the swing of things - and your photography truly is stunning.

  9. You are very talented. If you ever need a reminder, just ask us (your blog readers). Your photos are wonderful.

  10. so pretty! girl, you're good--keep snapping those shots!

  11. your photos are beautiful. i love the birds and the coney island one. you should slowly work your way back into photography more. you certainly have talent. :) don't let the past discourage you!

  12. These are gorgeous! You are truly talented.

  13. Ever since I got hooked on reading your blog I just assumed that you were a photographer. Your pictures are incredible and always my favorite part of your posts. Best of luck to you!

  14. your images move me, always.

  15. I'm so glad that you're finding your way back to feeling like you might be able to call yourself a photographer again. I had a similar experience (but not with photography), and it took a long time for me to build my confidence up again and feel a real passion for it. You'll get there.
    And your photos are so beautiful - they really do capture moods and atmosphere, and that's a wonderful talent.

  16. Go go P & P! Part of my job involves recruiting artists. I have seen plenty of portfolios from professional photography artists. And I am telling you now, you could hold your own with any of them.

    I have a Masters degree in creative writing. I have barely picked up a pen since. Maybe we could set up some kind of motivational exchange!

  17. My favorite part of your blog are your photographs, along with your writing of course :) Sometimes school does have the tendency to make us doubt our dreams but I hope you keep taking and sharing your photographs. They have inspired me and I would definitely buy them too!

  18. I am awed by your images. The moraccan hands and your self portrait are especially gorgeous.

    I'm glad to see that you are picking up your camera, my husband is struggling with much the same thing. You should chase dreams while you're still young enough to catch them.

  19. What astounding clearly have such an eye!

    I spent two months at interior design school before deciding that I didn't need to pay thousands of dollars a month to be told that everything I did was I totally understand where you're coming from.

    So proud of you for dipping your toes in again, though! It's tough after a mental setback but it's such a joy to see your work nonetheless.

  20. Amyjean, thank you so much, and you're welcome. I will try to keep sharing.

    Blablover, that is one of my very favourites. One day I must share the story that accompanies it.

    Guilty, god the system's shit isn't it? Especially in the creative sector. Thank you, I'm taking tiny steps but hopefully going somewhere.

    Dubbs, thank you so much. Your comment really meant a lot to me and gives me so much encouragement to keep going.

    Kristy, thank you so much! That might just be the nudge I need to think about starting an etsy shop.

    Rose, thank you for your comment. I'm sorry to hear that you are an art school victim too!

    Wordbird, thank you so much. I'm getting there I think, tiny steps!

  21. Beautiful Paper, I didn't know that! Either the art school or the photography bit. I'm sorry to hear you had a bad experience too. It's really reassuring thought to hear that I'm not the only one who was scarred by art school.

    Lisa d, thank you! I don't think my blog readers know just how much they help and how this place has reawakened my creativity.

    Rebecca, thank you. I'll try to keep at it!

    Ranu, thank you. I'm really trying not to give up on it.

    Bridechenka, thank you so much.

    Flutter, thanks lady.

    Tea and Adventures, I'm sorry to hear that you had a similar experience. It's a bugger but I'm glad that you overcame it.

  22. You might bankrupt me if you start an etsy shop. ;)

  23. Eliandme, thank you so much. That's really encouraging! And I'm not surprised you have a masters in creative writing, you're really damn good.

    Melissa, thank you!

    October, thank you. I hope your husband gets through his bad patch soon. It really sucks struggling to manage doing something you love.

    Citysage, thank you. Oh how I wish I'd realised that spending £5000 a year to have my creativity stamped out of me was a crap idea a little sooner.

    Kristy, :) I'll bear that in mind!


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