Friday, November 21, 2008

Things I need....

1. Directions to your favourite photographer's websites - I am finally making one and I need inspiration.

2. A cure for the flu - I have an interesting strain, the most distressing symptom of which is waking up at 7.30am with extremely sweaty boobs. Now I know you don't want to know that I have sweaty boobs but it's perplexing me so much I really felt that I had to share this symptom with anyone who will listen and as I can't get off the sofa and I have a captive audience at my mercy it is you unfortunate bastards who will be privy to the information. Make of it what you will.

3. A puppy.

4. Or a small owl. I'd really like a small owl.

(For those who are not owl aware, this one is the size of a small guinea pig. And you might want to turn off the volume, the people who filmed this are really quite annoying.)

I would appreciate it if you could help me with any of the above. Ta. You will be repaid in snotty hankies, the only currency in which I'm rich. Or love and gratitude, I have those too. Take your pick.


  1. 1) I can't point you to one at the moment, but I can make a request - PLEASE, if you use seomthing cool, like flash, also have a plain html option for those of us who browse at work, on awful, ancient computers that the city refuses to upgrade. Please. Thanks!

    2) I caught mine at the very begining, but a combination of honey camomile tea and nighttime hot cider airborne made me feel much better. They were the only things I've ever found that kept my drainage from bothering me (although it did require a near constant stream of hot liquid). Also, I know several friends who swear by zicam.
    3&4) I can't help you. But good luck!

  2. I'm emailing this video directly to Nick and telling him I want one for Christmas!

    Here's our photographer's website:

    Nothing fancy, but I love the simplicity of it.

  3. 1.,, and

    2. sowwee.

    3. May I suggest a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? I know you were requesting the actual puppy as opposed to suggestions, but I'm keeping MY puppy, thankyouveddymuch.

    4. Sowwee squared.

  4. 1. Got three for you

    the second is kinda glitchy but you can try it anyway

    Can't help with #2 at all

    But I will say that a puppy would be better than an owl because they can snuggle & just be so cute in general. However, you should be aware that you might have to puppy proof your house because they can so easily eat shoes, sunglasses, couch cushions, credit cards, you name it! But puppies are cute enough to get away with that.

  5. 1.

    This boy was actually my first serious boyf from the age of 17-19, we are still in touch and he takes a rather good photo I think.

    2. Hot toddies!

  6. All I can suggest for a cure for the flu is lots and lots of rest, fluids, and a good book.

    And for cute owls:

  7. No remedy suggestions for me - feel better soon!!

  8. This is not so much a suggestion as a pleading: DO NOT PUT SO MANY PICTURES PER PAGE that you crash my poor internet. My internet at home crashes ALL the time when I'm dealing with photographer sites. It makes me want to rip out my hair.

    Public service announcement over.

  9. PS small owl - yes. You live in Scotland, perhaps you can pick one up around Hogwarts? For me to? For Christmas?

  10. How about a hedgehog? He could play with your new owl, should someone get you one as requested.

    I'm not sure why a hedgehog, it just seems an appropriate companion for a guinea pig sized owl.

    feel better!

  11. 1. Yay something I can give advice on! I don't use Flash often for websites. Yeah it's all pretty and can do somersaults and cook your dinner but it's not really designed for building a whole website that needs to be updated frequently. Use html and css and scripts if you want spunky effects. Graphic Exchange has a lot of links to photography sites for inspiration:

    2. For the flu: Rest, rest and more rest. Lots of tea with lemon and ginger. Can't help with the sweaty boobs though sorry, you poor thing!

    3 & 4. I second the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel suggestion. For an owl may I suggest the Australian Tawny Frogmouth? They're not really owls but they mate for life, I love a bird with commitment.

  12. Lady, you are hilarious even when you don't feel well.

    Unfortunately, I don't have any cool photographer's website because I usually find them through you or Anne @ The City Sage or some other wonderful blogger.

    I'm relying on hot liquids to help get rid of the snot in my own head. I'll let you know how that works out.

    I've somehow lost both my USB cable AND my memory card reader for my camera/computer, so I can't upload the pictures, but little owls are actually one of the (many) felt ornaments I'm making. I'll send you a picture as soon as I have a way to upload them again.

    I hope you feel better soon!

  13. 1) I am a big fan of:

    2) Old russian recipe pronounce vaguely like "a gogol mogol" is a wonder if you have cold:
    Beat one egg yolk, with one (or two or three for that matter) tablespoons of sugar until you make s osrt of sugary egg paste. Then pour some very hot (almost boiling) milk. Mix together and drink. Its actually delicious too :)


    Feel better!

  14. I need that owl, right this minute.

  15. Here is our photographer:

    And some others I love!


  16. Ok, i swear this isn't just a ploy to have you over on my blog, but I have a long list of my favorite photogs on the left-hand bar of my blog! My favorites from that list currently are: Our Labor of Love, Chenin Boutwell, Anna Kuperberg, En Pointe.

  17. See, I come over here for my favorite photos. Can't much help you there...

    Nor with the sweaty boobs.

    However: I hope you start feeling better soon, luv! :-)

  18. Elizabeth, thank you,flash really annoys me so I will definitely bare that in mind. Hot cider you say? Yum.

    Amanda, thanks for the link! And let me know if you have any luck with getting that owl.

    QueenAlpo, thank you! And I think I'm looking for something a little less pedigree in the puppy department! I like me a cross!

    Jennifer, thank you! You mean you think the owl won't snuggle?

    Ceecee, thanks for the link. A nice simple website is exactly what I want!

    Blablover, thanks for the owl link! Gorgeous!

    Lisa D, thank you.

  19. Meg, thank you! I will bear that in mind. I'm thinking v. low tech! And if I just happen to find an owl or two I'll certainly send one your way.

    City Sage, oh I'd love a hedgehog!

    Downtomysoul, thank you! I think I'll be avoiding flash, too... flashy. I bought some lemons yesterday so hopefully they will help and a bird that looks like an owl but isn't an owl - how peculiar!

    Kristy, I can't wait to see your felt owls!

    Bridechka, that gogal mogal whatsit sounds revolting, I think I'll stick with paracetamol!

    Flutter, I feel the same.

    Marnie, thanks for the links, I'll check them out.

    Sweet T, thank you! I'll come and have a look!

    Vanessa, aww, that's nice! thank you!

  20. That owl is *pissed* that he's been replaced by the mustache as the hip accessory for this season. Have pity. Adopt him.


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