Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Woodland wedding....

This is exactly the kind of place we had in mind when we started planning where we would exchange our wedding vows, not some poncy lawn with a poncy castle, pfff....

Woodland wedding, shot by One Love Photo


  1. Me too. Then rain threatened and we moved the wedding into a little chapel and pfffff it didn't rain. WTF.

  2. We had a gorgeous redwood and birch forest right behind our reception where we were planning to get shots taken. But it rained. :P

  3. *sigh*

    That is absolutely beautiful. And ingenious! Using a state park? I wonder if there are any close enough (and pretty enough) to where I live...

  4. These are so dreamy and fairy-like. Gorgeous.

  5. This last picture with the little girls is so precious! Woodland weddings seem so whimsical and romantic. Sadly I don't have any by where I live...

    Michelle (www.myweddingreport.com)

  6. Blind, Irish Pirate, I hate the damn weather and its unpredictability.

    Miss Shortcake, I'm so sorry you missed out on your forest shots. Get your behind back there though and get snapping.

    Kristy, it's such a good idea. I wish it had been feasible for us to use a public park. I'm not even sure if it's possible in the UK.

    Rachel, fairy like indeed!

    My Wedding Report, isn't it lovely?

    Flutter, it really is.


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