Friday, December 05, 2008


I'm aware that for some people being given homewares for birthdays or Christmas is just unacceptable, like being given a hoover or an ironing board or anything else that suggests the only thing that the giver thinks you are interested in is cleaning (or cooking). But I love kitcheny bits and inspired by my recently purchased heart shaped measuring cups I thought I'd share a few of my favourites with you...

This vintage inspired milk bottle and glass set is gorgeous. Its blue tinge is beautiful and who doesn't get a small thrill from drinking from a glass with a barnyard animal on it?

A retro red fire extinguisher. For those of us who do this when we bake...

We were given a Le Creuset version of this red heart shaped casserole dish when we got married. I love the Staub version's pudgy little shape and the handles though.

Sophie Conran casserole. You would be forgiven for thinking that I really like casseroles. I don't particularly but I do love a pot with a lid.

I adore all of Nigella Lawson's kitchenwares. I want to fill my house with them, bake volumptuous delights and maybe rub them against my face a little. The jugs, not the baked goods. Cakes are for eating, not face rubbing. Unlike crockery of course.

Who could deny themselves a little canoodling with this sexy teapot?

A chestnut pan. It turns out I don't really like roast chestnuts, they have a weird texture. But I suspect that they might be delicious in baked goods and the whole fire thing looks fun.

I bought these last week when I found them in Urban Outfitters, desperate for some cup measures so I could stop fucking up the American recipes I've been trying to convert to grams. Two days later I discovered that the British Heart Foundation are selling the same one, cheaper, with all the proceeds going to the BHF. I was a little annoyed with myself.

And the best for last. I adore this pouring bowl and this picture. It sums up everything I want from a kitchen - scrubbed wood, simple but textural crockery, lots of cream and obscure overpriced ingredients.

Images from Cox and Cox, Amazon, The British Heart Foundation and The Dining Store. And the glove was me.


  1. I love me some kitchen accessories too. I am itching for one of those little heart shaped dutch oven from le creuset. Also I have a sickness. Cake mold pans. I have three large bins filled with cake mold pans at home, in all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and cartoon characters.

    I was at an overpriced kitchen store the other day, and they had they had the most adorable 3D teddy bear cake mold. Keep in mind, I already have a 3D teddy bear cake mold, this one was just cuter. Don't worry, I walked out of the store before I could talk myself into it, but now my mind wants me to go back to the general vicinity of the store so I have an excuse for dropping in.

  2. Maybe I'm just messed up but there's nothing that I'd love more than having a major kick ass vacuum. (We're talking we took parts off of a rocket at NASA and stuck them onto a Dyson kinda vacuum).

    I love the burn oven mitt picture. I did that once too. It was really strange as the thing caught on fire as I was holding it far away from the oven. I only noticed when the husband calmly said "Your hands on fire."

  3. I *love* every single thing that you posted. But especially the milk jug / animal glass. Amazing!

  4. I would LOVE to get a new vacuum for christmas, are you kidding! Mine hasn't felt so well lately and they're so expensive. I consider myself a feminist but I still like a clean carpet, darn it!

  5. Fabulous finds, Peonies. I'd love to own anything in the pictures. Except for maybe the burnt oven mitt.

    I don't think I've ever burned anything that bad. My sister did almost burn the house down once, though. She was baking chocolate chip cookies that somehow melted in the oven, instead of puffing up slightly and becoming golden brown goodness, and caught fire on the electric coils. I remember hearing, "Fire. Fire?! FIRE!" It's hysterical now, but she was pretty shaken when it happened.

    I did actually ask for a vacuum cleaner this year, and my mom got me one as an early Christmas present. Like Blablover5, I wouldn't mind if it was made of rocket pieces. Whatever it takes to get rid of all the cat hair.

  6. If it makes you feel better, even your burnt over mitt looks pretty in your photos.

    I love the Nigella dishes; I've got such a soft spot for teapots. Lovely.

  7. I love everything you posted too! I asked for Nigella Lawson measuring cups for Christmas last year from Anthropologie. They came broken and my step mom sent them back and forgot all about them. Maybe I should ask fro them again this year!

  8. A new hoover is on my list to Santa.

    And I love nest building! Maybe one day the boy and my jobs will let us settle in one place instead of roaming the country like gypsies and then we can fill our home with beautiful things. Cox and Cox and Staub are high on my list of household lusts...

  9. That teapot is sexy!

    I'm with you on the vintage milk bottles. I love them as vases, too, especially in ceramic.

  10. the only one of those items that reminds me of anything i own is the burnt glove *sigh*

  11. I just added the measuring cups to my Christmas list. I always force myself to ignore American recipes because I know I'll mess up the conversions, so these should be the perfect solution... and so cute!

  12. Ooooh what lovely pretties! I can tell you have a thing for smooth, organic looking ceramics...I'm a little obsessed myself! Some of these are so gorgeous that I'd be afraid to use them...I tend to be more of a breaker than a burner in the kitchen.

  13. Love the Sophie Conran dinnerware and serveware - that's what we registered for! I'm super excited about kitchen gifts, but the husband-to-be probably couldn't care less.

  14. Tee hee, I love your bit about cakes and face rubbing.... And all your choices are glorious -- I'd happily take them all, please! (Which reminds me to send along a belated thanks for the hot tip on the baby item. Super cute. You have such great taste!)

  15. What a great list! I love the milk bottle and the heart shaped pot is to die for!

  16. I just adore the vintage milk bottle. How stunning. What great finds, thank you so much for posting. Always fun to read your blog.


  17. Ohhh, this post is after my own heart! If I had the space, I would love to own all of these! I love your blog, it's so pretty! I'm adding to my daily reads! :)


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