Monday, January 26, 2009

Bunny love...

This black rabbit by das kaninchen is my current Big Etsy Love, you know - that darling etsy object that you can't stop thinking about, that you want so desperately that you manage to convince yourself it isn't reeeeally like spending money if you really really love the thing you're spending money on.

Just look at her, she's so elegant, so sophisticated, so very regal. And, and, that's 16 inches of rabbit. That's a lot of bunny for yer money...

I love her. But as The Boy isn't convinced by my spending+love=not really spending theory I might be feeling the stirrings of diy inspiration and attempt to make a slightly more chic version of my wedding bunny. Then again I might just buy her, hide her from The Boy and tell him that Fuzz has learnt to sit still, stick his ears in the air and stop peeing on the furniture should he ever notice her presence in our hutch, I mean house.

Bunny by Das Kanichen, via etsy. Check out her blog for more bunnies and other handmade lovelies.


  1. wow! i love this bunny! im going to try and track one down for my friend thats getting married, i love your shots... what kind of camera do you use? any filters?

    i just started my own blog

    all things photography!
    would love to include some of your shots sometime

  2. i am new to your blog and it is si wonderful!

    kerri x

  3. Spending plus love muffins TOTALLY equals not actually spending. This is as true as narwhales.

    I think you should make the bunny. It's a very nice bunny.

  4. make it make it! I vote no doily, though. the doily makes me feel funny.

  5. gorgeous! What an...elegant rabbit. I never thought I'd say that, actually.

  6. Yes, Nick has definitely had to curb my Etsy spending lately, wedding or not. It's too addicting! If you do make, you have to share pictures!

  7. How cute ! I think it can be DIYed though...
    Did I tell you I was in love with your birds ? Definitly trying to make some. Just forgot the silk last week end, oops, mum will send it though...

  8. have you seen Rachel Denny's gorgeous bunnies posted by Trust Your Style?

  9. Very sweet.

    And I kind of like the doily. It's like superbunny, with its superhero cape.

  10. This bunny is amazing. Although I still love your wedding bunny more.

  11. A bunny wearing a lace shawl? I'll fight you for it!

    I've tried the old 'hide it and hope he doesn't notice it' routine. it SO doesn't work---especially with the nosey eagle eye that I have on my hands!


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