Sunday, February 22, 2009

And speaking of rabbits....

Did I ever mention that it was my birthday but a couple of weeks ago? And that I like rabbits? And that I'm broke? And have you ever thought 'what could I get Peonies to show her how much I appreciate her?' Have you? Because I really really love this, so much it's making me ache. Just look at her with her little wired ears and recycled felt body and fuzzy fuzzy tail...

And the whiskers, what about the whiskers?

And the baby one, the baby one's cute right?

And the tail! This rabbit has the exact same tail as my rabbit. My clean rabbit that is. My smelly rabbit had his tail trimmed yesteday because he kept peeing on it. His looks like this, but black.

Want one please. Thank you.

And a toadstool for her to sit by.

Oh for the love of stuff.

All images courtesy of Little Love Blue.