Sunday, February 15, 2009

bunny farts....

I nearly ordered this card from The Beautiful Project for The Boy. I couldn't bring myself to do it though. Not because it's not brilliant but because it would be a nasty lie. The Boy's farts are not cute, they're plain mean.

And saying sweet things just because they're cute and not because you mean them is just damn silly.

Besides, I think he'd prefer the sentiment behind this one. And I might be having to buy this one after he reads the above.

Image courtesy of The Beautiful Project and via Moments of Pleasure.


  1. :D my husband doesn't do PDWs (public displays of wind) so despite loving the bunnies it juts wouldn't go. I love love love the sorry for being an ass card. I need to have a stock pile of them. xxx

  2. I saw that first etsy card a few days back and was really tempted. It seemed like a great truthful valentine.

  3. Ha! Very funny. I love etsy

  4. This is the greatest Etsy shop I've seen in a while. Thank you for sharing this.

    Now if only they had the "Thank you for still wanting to marry me even though I'm a crazy b**** who makes you make doily garlands while watching bad reality tv with me" card.

  5. I haven't referred to that deed as humping in way too long.

  6. The card is cute but you're right it is a total lie.

  7. ha! thats the cutest card. what a cool range

  8. Yay! Glad you found them as silly as I did!
    Thanks for the link, they so deserve a wider audience.


    ok i'm done.

  10. i love it!! ha ha ha! so good. patty & i always say "farts equal funny." it's so right up our alley.
    happy belated valentines.


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