Saturday, February 28, 2009

Peonies for you.....

*** The Giveaway is now closed***

Peonies and Polaroids: The Shop goes live today, one year exactly after Peonies and Polaroids: The Blog hit the airwaves (cyberwaves? News stands? Blogosphere? My sanity? Delete as appropriate) The Shop will sell prints of my photography, maybe postcards in the future and calenders come calender time. Bog stanadard photographer-fare in other words. For finally, two years after fleeing art school, I might just be feeling ready to call myself a photographer again.

There will be no crafty crap. Being engaged warped my brain. Married Me (much like pre-engaged me) sees hand sewing tiny little silk birds, designing fabric bunnies or hand pouring soya candles as something fun in theory but Just Not Worth It. 'It' being The Insanity. So you can stop emailing me and asking for custom made cake toppers. It's not going to happen.

However! As a birthday present from me to you and to start Peonies and Polaroids: The Shop with the sort of altruistic, hippy happy karma that one should launch into these ventures (and to say thank you for encouraging me to do this) I'm giving away a print of your choice.

Just leave a comment on this post, any comment. I'm not asking for something witty or clever or appreciative. 'Oi, gimme the print' will do. Although witty, clever and appreciative are always appreciated and while I might say I'm picking a comment at random... well, just sayin'.